Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Left the beach around noon and am now back home.  Drove into the driveway and first thing I noticed is that my trike was stolen.  The $600 trike that I have been looking for a carrier for.  Called the police and filed a report.  However, I might as well just forget about it.  They are never going to find it.  My home owner's insurance has a very high deductible so I can't file a claim with them.  I'm just out that money.

There are a bunch of little thugs from across town that come in our neighborhood and scope out the place for what they can steal.  I've seen them before and know what neighborhood they live in.  It's not a section of town I would go into.  Last week it was a neighbor's motorbike.  They jumped over his locked fence in his back yard and unlocked the gate then took the motor bike and started it up and rode it away. 

I think that they took note of my coach being gone and figured no one was home so ripped me off.  The bike was wedged against my house by my van.  They had to bend the wheel and lift the bike over the hood of the van to get it out.  Little bastards!

I know I should have put the bike in the house but that's not the point.  I've lived here 26 years and never had anything stolen.  Puts me in a very bad mood. 

Now it seems clear to me that I will have to get a folding bike and store it in the coach for safety.  I wouldn't put it past them to pry open the bay doors if they ever figure out that there is a bike inside, they will certainly do that.


  1. That just sucks! I'm so sorry. I'd collar one of those little thugs and offer a reward for the name of the thief and the return of the bike. Whether you pay the reward or not is a whole 'nother story.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Good idea. I was thinking the same thing. Either that or set a trap. Move my coach somewhere else, put a dummy bike in my driveway and take photos of them doing the deed. Found out that another bike was stolen from the same neighbor who reported the motorbike stolen last week. Both were taken during the day - not at night as we originally thought. So we think they took mine at the same time. I live in a townhouse only inches away from my neighbors and those little bastards just don't care if they get caught. In broad daylight they stole our bikes. Now I will wonder what will be taken next while I'm away camping. Bummer!

  3. I get so mad when I hear stories like yours. How people can think it's ok to steal what they want is beyond me. I'm really sorry for your loss. It looked like a really nice bike.

  4. Jeana... yes it's madening. I had that bike special ordered with the special bench seat, front and rear baskets, and chrome fenders. I told the police officer that if they see a bike like that, I can assure him that it will be mine. I really liked that bike.

  5. sucks... big time... little rat bastards... I hope you find a way to catch them... maybe your neighbors can also help with a trap... did I say rat bastards...? rat bastards

  6. Good to see another Louisiana woman rver. I live near Abbeville. An RV friend and I put on a get-to-gather in Butte LaRose for 15 of our Texas friends before all the flooding mess started.

    Sorry about your bike. Hope they get caught.


  7. Martha... for now it's just us 2 from La.

  8. I LOVE your bike - it looks like a really easy, comfortable ride. When he was a teenager, my son built a bike, and it was stolen. We actually found it - someone else saw it and knew it was Tom's since it was custom. I'm hoping yours will be found, too, and the police will be able to identify it and return it to you.

  9. Barbara... I've decided that today I'm going to ride through the neighborhood where I think those thugs live. I just might get lucky. I can't depend on the police to find these guys. I have to do it myself.

    Thanks for the positive energy.