Thursday, July 28, 2011


I dug out more photos of Fort Livingston that I took when I was on Grand Terre Island back in 2008.

Construction on the fort itself began in 1841 but was halted with the start of the Civil War, and was never resumed so the fort was never fully completed. The fort was briefly occupied by Confederate forces during the Civil war, but never saw combat.

Here are some aerial views of the Fort.




My transportation to the island.

The back side of the Fort.

Where the cannons were placed.  The Fort was equipped with 15 guns, including a 32-pounder, an 8-inch columbiad, seven 24-pounders, four 12-pounders, and two howitzers.  The guns were removed in 1889.

My Captain, tour guide, and friend Pat.

One of 2 sets of granite steps that are awesome.

The other steps

These granite steps have remained like new after all these years.  There's a story about some guys who tried to steal one of the steps.  I don't remember how it goes but I remember that they got caught and the step was recovered and replaced.

I was terrified to climb them without a railing but got to the top by climbing with my hands and feet.

The view from the top.   That's Barataria Bay with Grand Isle in the distance.

The walls were constructed of cemented shell, faced with brick, and trimmed with granite.

There is an ongoing restoration project to clean oil off of the bricks, with little success.

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