Saturday, July 30, 2011


It became obvious on this last camping trip that I need to replace my stolen bicycle.  Everyone was riding their bikes and it made me really miss my 3 wheeler.  I don't mind walking around the campgrounds but sometimes it's just better on a bike especially if I can carry my little dog with me.  She loved riding in the basket on the trike.

So this is what I ordered this morning.

A folding bike that can be stored in the basement of the coach ...

and a bicycle trailer/carrier for Xi Shi Quan.  It can be used as a free standing stroller as well.

The folding bike was on sale at Camping World for $109.00 and the bicycle trailer was $95.00.  They should arrive in about a week.  Can't wait.  My next trip to the beach at the end of August will be a lot more fun riding this around the place. 

They both collapse and will fit inside the basement of the coach so no need to worry about anything hanging off the back and possibly falling off.  Remember what happened to my trike carrier?


  1. Good Idea! I don't want anything hanging off the back of my coach, either. I still have not ordered a bike, yet.

  2. Hi Teri... I'll let you know how it rides. I really wanted to test ride it first but the Internet price was so much cheaper than the store price so I ordered it instead. I'm pretty sure I will have to get a softer seat but I'll get that locally at the bike shop.