Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well I got my wish. It has gotten a lot cooler here at the campground, however, it took thunderstorms to do it. Not complaining though. We enjoyed sitting outside today and watching the kids play in the rain and didn’t get bitten by any mosquitoes. Some folks continued fishing and figured what the hell... we’re wet anyway.

I am not getting good reception on my Verizon Air Card and am not able to access a weather channel on my computer. My roof antenna is not picking up any local TV channels either. So I’m pretty much in the dark as to the weather forecast. It may rain all day so if I wait for it to stop I’ll be stuck inside the camper all day with no TV or Internet. Gotta make the best of it. 

So... I packed up my rolling cart with my camera, umbrella, and towels. Placed little Xi Shi Quan inside the netting of the cart and on top of the towels and off to the beach we went - under my umbrella. She usually walks to the shore but likes to stop and smell every bush and blade of grass along the way so I rode her there today. There is a long ramp up to the bathhouse and onto the beach so it was easy rolling all the way with a very light drizzle. She absolutely loves the beach. Once she gets close enough to see the beach she pulls me to follow her.

The beach had accumulated some large puddles of rain and she walked around in one of the large ones and took a few drinks of it. Then it was on to the Gulf. It was pretty calm and no waves to speak of. She went in a ways but was more interested in the smells along the shore.
I had planned on swimming this trip but due to this warning sign I decided against it. 

There were maybe 4 people on the beach this morning and a few in the water fishing, yet the park is full. I’m sure they will be out there this afternoon.

The sun came out for a few hours this afternoon and I decided to take a walk to the fishing pier. It didn’t really look like it was too far away. Put Xi Shi in the rolling cart with the camera and took off on the paved road that leads to the RV park. There was only one car parked in the parking lot near the entrance. We took the winding ramp up to the entrance to the pier and tower. By this time I was getting pretty tired and sweaty as it was further than I thought and I hadn’t brought any water. When we got to the end of the pier there was a water hose and I offered some water to Xi Shi and I took a sip. It was windy and nice over the water and I wished I had brought a chair. I took lots of photos and enjoyed the view.

From the pier you can see Grand Terre Island and Fort Livingston which is a part of the State Park, separated by the infamous Barataria Pass. It was on Grand Terre Island - the same spot that now houses the old Fort - that the pirate Jean Lafitte had his headquarters in the early 1800s. It was at Barataria Bay where the British anchored their ships in order to have a meeting with Lafitte and offer him money to join their forces to capture the city of New Orleans during the War of 1812.

Instead of going back the way we came I thought it would be cooler to go back along the beach. So we headed out that way. It was hard to roll the cart on the sand so I had to stop and rest a couple of times. Then the back right wheel came off of the cart. I put it back on but could only roll a little ways before it dropped off again. This happened at our mid way point so it took a long time to get back to the camper. I’ve had that cart for about 5 years and used it a lot. It’s getting pretty rusty and I’ll probably get another soon.
Came back to the coach and fixed supper. Having corn on the cob, fried green onion sausage with some French bread - both made locally, and a glass of Sangria. For dessert... rice pudding. Um um good.

Tonight’s movie marathon is "Back To The Future."

Had a great day.


  1. Enjoyed your pictures and the tale of your long walk to the pier. I have a stroller with pretty big wheels that I use from time to time to haul stuff. Works pretty good. I used to wheel my little dog in it before she passed on. She loved it.

  2. Donna... glad you enjoyed the photos. They are really nice when clicked on to enlarge.

  3. Your food! fried green onion sausage? whoa

    Great pictures... it's soooo hot here and walking with you along the beach made me feel better... jeeeeez ... I am so ready to go...

  4. Carolyn... the sausage is great. I'll fix it for you whenever we meet up. It's raining again here at the beach but is real nice and cool. I had to close my awning as the wind really picked up. Got soaked doing it. Now I'm enjoying the Internet till we go walking the beach again this afternoon.

  5. Love Xi Shi's stroller. So cute!