Monday, November 21, 2011


Last night was not a good night for me. It soon became clear that it was indeed the Red Tide making me and my Shih Tzu sick. I coughed all night long till about 4:00am when I closed all the windows and turned the generator on for AC. Then I finally got to sleep 3 hours. It seems the closer we are getting to our cool front coming in the worse the air is getting.

I couldn't believe this guy was out here this morning with his oxygen tank.  That's really loving the beach.

This morning I packed up and moved to the RV Park across the sand road from the beach. I’m behind a huge sand dune so will be protected from the wind gusts that are predicted to be around 40mph. The air is still toxic and I cough once outside so I’m spending a lot of time in the AC.

The view through my windshield.

Chris and Donna came by to pick me up for lunch in town. Donna brought her two dogs and took them for a walk on the beach. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the poor air quality. Chris and I are very sensitive to it.

Chris and Donna

We went to The Fins restaurant which is next to a marina and had lunch. I had the crab cakes, Chris had the shrimp, and Donna had calamari. We skipped dessert.

Went walking around Robert’s Pier and took photos. It’s really pretty in that area and I enjoyed the time spent with Chris and Donna. Both are fulltimers and have many interesting stories to tell.

One massive fishing boat.  If you go early in the morning you can buy fresh shrimp off this boat.

This is a very familiar sight to me.  My grandfather was a fisherman and parked his boat in the bayou in front of our house. 

Cute little boat.

Adorable little Shih Tzi we met along the way.

Another cute doggie.

I’m glad Chris and Donna will be keeping in touch this winter. They are nice people and have a lot in common.

I wasn’t bothered by the air quality at the pier. Once back at my coach I walked the dog and then returned to the AC. Tonight I’m still coughing some even though I’m inside. So it must really be bad on the beach. When the wind shifts it will be better but I’ll be gone. Still planning on leaving Wednesday.

My little Xi Shi Quan.


  1. I'm sensitive to a lot of smells and things. I'll have to be careful when I get to the beach.

  2. Hi Teri, If you are coming to the Port Aransas area be sure to call ahead about the status of Red Tide. You may hear that it's gone but I'm here to tell you that the air quality is still toxic. I seem to be very sensitive to it as well as many others here at the beach. Take Care.

  3. Hope you and your little Xi Shi Quan get to feeling better with some better air to breathe. That's sure a cute doggy.

  4. Too bad about the red tide.... I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... it isn't pleasant but it doesn't affect me much.

    Hope to see you before you leave. I'm booked for a month. Don't know if I will stay that long but the price differential was better for the month!

    It's fun looking at your pictures... I know those scenes! ;) - my poor little iPhone camera needs to be updated.

  5. Hi Donna... We are both feeling a little better now that we have moved behind the dunes. It's a shame that I only had a couple of days on the beach because I really loved the spot.

    Hi Carolyn... Yes the air quality from the Red Tide is not very pleasant for me. We were going to take a boat ride today but I had to pass on the offer. No way I'm going into the toxic air like that. You are lucky that it doesn't bother you. It has just about ruined my time here.

    I would also have considered staying another month but now that my throat is so sore from coughing I just want to go home. And that's OK because there's a beach waiting for me there.

    Have a great time.

  6. Oh that sucks that this is ruining your vacation there. I'm glad that you were able to get out & about today though.