Saturday, November 26, 2011


Left Sam Houston Jones State Park at 9:00 this morning and headed for Houma.  Got home around 1:00.  Pulled in the driveway and my animals went wild.  The dog could see out the window and knew we were home.  She jumped down from her seat and started barking.  The cats also came out from their hiding places and were meowing. 

Got out of the coach and unlocked the front door of the house then went back to get the dog.  She ran into the house and sniffed everything as if to say, "Yes this is mine."  Went back out for the cats which I usually have to coax out of the vehicle but this time Caiche came up to me at the door and I picked her up and took her inside.  Went back for Bunny who always gives me a hard time but she also came right up for me to carry her inside. 

I think they took this confinement the hardest.  They love to run up and down the stairs and play chase and also are allowed out in the back fenced in yard every morning.  So they really missed that, I'm sure.  I opened the back door for all of them to go into the yard while I unloaded the coach and that's where they stayed for a good while.  When I finished, I sat on the screen porch and watched them play in the yard.  It felt good to be in my chair, on my screen porch, surrounded by my art work and a cool breeze blowing in.

Once everything was out of the coach I went upstairs and took a very long hot bath in my tub.  Ahhh... how I missed my tub.  I've never really liked showers.  I prefer a good long soak in lots of bubbles.  Yes, that's what I like.

Went to Burger King and got a whopper.  My first burger this month.
My neighbor came over and we opened a bottle of champagne (the one I took to Texas but never opened) to celebrate my return.  She brought her doggie over so he could visit with Xi Shi Quan.  They really like each other and usually take walks together in the afternoons.  I think he missed her while we were gone.

It's good to travel and get away but I always like coming home.  And just in time for a cold front coming in tomorrow which means it's Chicken Gumbo File' time.  I'm looking forward to lighting our first fireplace fire of the season.  I had so hoped to have a campfire on the beach in Texas but it just didn't happen.  So tomorrow I'll light one in the outside firepit and have the neighbors over.  We can have a drum circle and chant and just be silly.

It's so good to be home.


Gas = $431.07 (2 weeks parked)
Food = $177.77 (ate out twice)
Parks = $517.46
TOTAL= $1126.30


  1. I feel the same way about coming home. I like to take a trip but am always glad to turn on our little road and know I made it home safely. Don't think I could full-time in my RV.


  2. Welcome home Linda! Your place looks so cool. Chris

  3. Hi Martha... I agree with you on that. I really enjoyed the time spent in my motorhome. I was very comfortable and had everything I needed to make my journey. I just don't think I could spend the rest of my life in it. I love my home and am not willing to give it up. My motorhome will be my getaway vehicle and hopefully will always bring me home safely.

  4. Hi Chris... It's good to be home. I see everything a little differently than before. It's like a new appreciation for what I have here. I'm going to stay home for awhile then I'm planning a trip to Grand Isle. I miss my beach. Take Care and thanks again for everything.

  5. Guess i missed something or did not understand, i thought u sold your place. And were on the road? Well-i enjoy going somewhere, but like coming home to my place and things. Knowing where everything is & has been :) does that make us staid? NO-we know what we like..

  6. Hi Luci and Loree... Yes I sold a home but is was my vacation house at the beach. I still own my townhouse which I will never sell. I had initially planned to travel part-time but am having second thoughts on that now. Maybe after spending some time here at home I'll feel like going on another adventure. We'll see.