Thursday, November 24, 2011


Had a great night’s sleep on Magnolia Beach. Had my bedroom window open and the waves were rolling in and lulling me to sleep. I got up around 8:00 and missed the sunrise but was probably my best night's sleep of the whole trip.  Took a nice long walk with the dog and then had breakfast.

Packed up and left Magnolia Beach, TX around 10:30 this morning and arrived in Surfside Beach, TX around 1:00. The campground was filled except for one spot so I took it even though it was near the highway and not the beach. I can still see the Gulf from my front door so I’m happy.

The manager informed me that there is a free beach I could camp on overnight a bit down the road but it was isolated and I might not feel safe. I will ride that way tomorrow and check it out.

Parked and got hooked up and then took the dog for a walk on the beach. It’s cold so I had to come back for my jacket. There were a lot more people on the beach today than when I was last here. Took some photos and sat for awhile. I really like this place. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. $42 a night is just too much but I splurged and don’t regret it. Just being able to look at the cute manager is worth it.

I’m thinking about heading for Lake Charles, LA tomorrow instead of stopping at Turtle Bayou RV Park near Wallisville, TX. That will make it a long driving day but if I can do it maybe I can stay 2 days at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles. I really liked it when I stayed there on my way through to here plus I get it for half price. Then I’ll be home on Sunday as scheduled.


  1. Looks like a nice day for spending Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Tesaje... yes it was a very nice day. I had a relaxing drive and pleasant night. Watched the sun rise over the Gulf this morning from my bedroom window. Just beautiful.

  3. Glad you got away from the red tide. We both coughed a little riding bikes yesterday but it doesn't seem too bad. Sorry we didn't get to meet you here.

  4. Hi Jim and Gayle... the air had gotten much better by the time I left. Good that you're not affected so much by it. Have a great time!

  5. Hi there...Happy Thanksgiving, belatedly! Sorry you had such a lousy stay in Lake Charles! Yep, holidays are not good times to spend in some of those places. Guess you're back home by now...great to meet you in Port A! Hope to see you again, soon...Donna

  6. Oops...just reread your're not due home until Sunday??? Really tired tonight...we had a BUNCH of folks come out to the Refuge today!

  7. Hi Donna... I read Chris' Facebook post about the Thanksgiving dinner you two had. Sounds great.

    I didn't stay in Lake Charles for 2 nights as planned. So I'm back home as I write this... safe and sound.

    Thanks again for a really nice lunch and walk around the pier. If you're ever in my area we can go to New Orleans and have cafe au lait and beignets.