Sunday, November 13, 2011



Great night’s sleep. Late breakfast. Walked the dog. Discovered that I had brought along a solution to my doggies foot problem with the sand spurs here. Before we left home our neighbor gave Xi Shi a present of little pink shoes. I had forgotten that I put them in the coach. So today she wore her little shoes for the first time. She did real well and got used to them right away. When we got back from our walk there were spurs on her shoes and a couple on her belly but I removed them right away. So the shoes are a hit.

This afternoon Carolyn from Arkansas and Kelli from Colorado stopped by.  We sat around my coach for a couple of hours and had a nice visit. I asked them to sign my plaque that I made in the shape of a Class C motorhome.  This will be a great way to remember my time spent with them. 

We are still waiting for Donna to arrive sometime tomorrow then all of us are going to have lunch and then go into Rockport to do some shopping in the cute little downtown area. When I went through it coming down to Port Aransas I just knew I would have to return there and walk around a bit. It is so colorful.

Red Tide is still causing me some discomfort in my throat and nose. I’ve stayed indoors most of the day but it still burns. I cough a lot and know that I won’t be able to go to the beach. When the wind changes and comes from the North, I’m hoping by this Wednesday, then I’ll try again to get to the Gulf.


  1. Those booties are not only precious but a brillian solution! How sweet!

  2. This is a test.....I have never left a blog comment before.....just seeing if I can....VtChris

  3. Hi Kim... aren't those shoes the coolest? Never thought they would be so useful.

    Hi Chris... your blog comment came through just fine. Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. Well Had I caught up on all of your blogs before I made a comment, I would had have seen you have since tried some dog bootie/shoes. I am glad they work.

    I am enjoying reading your blogs.

  6. Hi Gypsy68... yes those little shoes are the greatest. She'll also be able to use them when it's freezing cold this winter.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. So cute - your pup looks very happy with her booties! Katie picks up those stickers, too. All of a sudden she's walking on three feet, poor thing!