Friday, February 10, 2012


What is it about a steady rain on the rooftop that makes it so enjoyable? Last night I experienced just that. It was so nice that I really didn’t want to sleep. It was well after midnight before I finally got to sleep. The pets have also been curious about that noise and seem to enjoy looking out of the windows at the raindrops.

Also enjoyable were the campsites that had fires sending smoke up into the air. Obviously started before the rain, these fires were in designated firepits. Campers are allowed to use downed tree limbs so the smell throughout the area was of pine. In fact, it smelled like the whole campground was burning incense. It was wonderful.

This morning was overcast and didn’t start raining again till late morning so I did get to walk the dog and ride my bike around the back roads. I was interested in seeing the pull through sites and was pleased to see that they are very secluded which I like. In the pull through sites, there is total privacy on aIl sides. I’ll try and get some photos on my way out tomorrow. Spot #3 is my favorite so far. The picnic table is literally in a small clearing in the thick woods behind the campsite.

This rain is bringing a cold front tomorrow. I usually don’t have to worry about freezing weather where I live which is south of the lake. However, tomorrow I travel further north above the lake which is giving temps in the 20s for Sunday and Monday night. I worry about my pipes which are not wrapped. This weather is so strange. Two days ago I was using my A/C now I have my heater on. I’m kinda enjoying it though... except for the fear of really low temps and damaged pipes.

My photos for today are a bit boring but I’ll post some anyway.

A meandering road to one of my favorite sites.

Curious kitty.

My nearest neighbor.

It's Friday and the campground is filling up.

Cute little camper.

This looks like a homemade camper. 

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