Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's been a quiet day today.  Most everyone in the park had left by noon.  They were mostly weekenders.

No close neighbors.

Cute little pier behind site 36 which is a pull-through with a deck and my favorite, so far.

Site #36

I haven't seen Honey Suckle flowers in 20 years.  This was the only vine I could find and it is right behind my site.

We enjoyed our long walk to the boat launch.  We looked for the sandy beach but it was not in our sight from where we were on the other side of the lake inlet.  We'll ride by there tomorrow on our way out.

It was hot and she was thirsty.

It is a very pretty area.

There were several boats fishing in the area as well as people fishing on the edge of the lake.

That's the boat launch in the center across the inlet.

We saw several of these golf baskets on our walk.

Back to our site for some refreshments.

Xi Shi chillin'

Peace Rock placed.

We're leaving in the morning.


  1. That looks like a beautiful park. The golf baskets are for disc golf. Mosquito Lake State Campground just put a disc golf course in last year. I have never tried it. That is something new around here in Ohio

    1. Hi Janice... Yes, I'm just learning about Disc Golf. I'd like to see it played but haven't yet.

  2. LOVE this park! Looks wonderful. Love the photo of Xi chillin'. What a great travel companion. I have a dumb question - and I'm from TX, not Louisiana, so please forgive my ignorance - but are there gators in most of these lakes? I know, I know, I equate Louisiana with alligators, like people equate Texas with cowboy hats. They aren't everywhere. Just sayin'. LOL!!!!

    1. Hi Jool... There are gators here EVERYWHERE! However, if I don't see a posted warning sign I usually don't worry about them. In fact, I haven't seen a sign in the last few campgrounds I'be been in. I was told by a park ranger at Bogue Chitto State Park that the gators there will not come towards you but go away. Well, that night one came right up to my deck and croaked for about half an hour. I didn't go outside to see but the next day I saw one swimming past my deck. So there you go. Personally, I worry more about snakes.

  3. We have gators here in Ft Bend County, which is a division of the Houston area. I even saw one & took pics of it. But it was a baby. They said on the news the other day that they are on the rise here, but I would not want to see one on the property here! Lots of folks here have ponds, then there's the bayous & river beds. But then, Houston/Galveston & eastward really aren't all that much different than La.
    The park looks peaceful.

    1. Hi TexCyn... Yes, Texas has their fair share of gators. Found this info:


      Alligators range from central Texas eastward to North Carolina. Louisiana has the highest alligator population currently approaching 2 million. Although alligators can be found in ponds, lakes, canals, bayous, rivers and swamps, in Louisiana the highest populations occur in coastal marshes.