Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rained really hard all night long.  My neighbor told me that Jimmie Davis State Park has had damage from severe thunderstorms in the recent past and that if it gets bad I should go to the bath house.  She also told me that the person who stayed in my site before me saw a snake in his yard.  "Gee thanks, lady.  I really needed to know that."  I took a pill and slept all night.

Left Jimmie Davis State Park around 10:00 this morning and rode around the park to the beach area.  There was one park employee cleaning the area so I couldn't take Xi out of the coach. 

"Momi, I see a beach.  Can I go?"
"Sorry Xi, read the sign."

"Awe, that sucks!"

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the beach was.  The campground is on a peninsula extending into Caney Lake.  This beach had small waves rolling in and the sound was music to my ears.

Nice pier takes you out to the sandy beach.

Roped off for swimming.

Set  up for volley ball.

Picnic tables in the shade.

Given that my site was not to my liking, this beach almost makes up for that.

Left the park and drove about 30 miles to Winnfield where there was a WalMart and  bought groceries, 2 blouses, and a pair of white capris.  For one second there I felt at home with no worries, no anxiety about where I'm going and if I'll get there safely.  Just for one second... and then I realized where I was. 

I must admit though, I am getting used to this traveling around.  I'm ready to go home, but... I'm not as anxious to get there as I was in the first couple of weeks.  In fact, I almost cut the trip off and planned to go home right about week two. 

However, once I started to head back down the state I felt better.  And now, tonight, I'm feeling so much better because in a couple of days I'll be back in south Louisiana at South Toledo Bend State Park... and almost home.


Arrived at North Toledo Bend around 3:00 this afternoon.  The road here was nice and well signed to find the park.  Friendly staff.  Drove to my site and backed in without any problems.  I'm not real level front to back but it will do for now.  I've never used my blocks and so far have had no problems being unlevel.

Took a quick walk around Loop A and B offering 63 campsites.  There are some really nice sites but away from the reservoir.  My site is on the opposite side of the street from the lake sites so I can see the water between the other campers parked along the lake.  This is the first campground I've ever been in that does not have trash cans around the park.  You have to walk to one of two locations where there is a large dumpster.  Strange.

A huge plus for this campground is the privacy provided by thick brush and trees.  I can not see either of my neighbors on either side of me.  I can only see the camper on the other side of the street.  It only took 18 campgrounds for me to find one with this much privacy and water views.

My picnic table is behind my coach.  Not good.

This is site #25 with water views.  My favorite.

I'm tucked away nice and cozy.

There is a gravel wallking path through the woods that goes completely through the park.  You're never more than a few feet from campers but can't see them.  I loved it.

Winding trail and cute little bench on the right - on the way to the scenic overlook. 

Nice overlook with deck and fishing pier/boat dock.

No you can't get into the water.

He wasn't catchin' nuttin.

Everything I saw here was nice, however, no beach.  There is a swimming pool near the main entrance.  I'm not impressed, especially after leaving a campground that had such a nice beach.

Tomorrow I'll check out the areas outside of the RV park, where there is a pavillion, fishing pier, and fish cleaning station.  It's not very far, according to the map, this is a walkable campground.

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