Friday, April 6, 2012


The campers across the street from me left today and we kinda took over their spot.  Xi and I sat at their picnic table and enjoyed the view.  We walked down to the lake and Xi tried to go into the water but it was too muddy so I pulled her back.  No water play for her at this park.

"Too muddy little Xi."

We be chillin'.

Them trees are some tall.

The coach has been getting a lot of attention at these last 2 campgrounds.  People stop and read the writing and the little kids riding by on bikes go and get their parents and bring them back to look.  Haven't had this happen until now.  

Fishing boat.

My friendly neighbor to my right.  Xi wanted to go for a ride and kept following her around.  She loved riding on my 3 wheeler... until it got stolen.  This bike is an electric bike with a few modifications.  I want one. 

It's ideal for getting to those far away places in these campgrounds.  I mentioned to her how I disliked not having trash bins nearby and this morning she came by and took my bag of trash to the dumpster on her bike.  How sweet is that?

Placed the Peace Rock.

We're leaving in the morning.

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