Saturday, April 20, 2013


Left home this morning around 10:30 and arrived at Grand Isle about noon.  Stopped for a short visit at my friend Pat's house then rode to the dock and bought 8 pounds of shrimp.  Drove a couple of streets over and  checked in to the Island House RV Park.   Very conveniently located near stores and restaurants as well as a few streets from Pat's house.  I've been wanting to stay here for some time now and finally decided to reserve for a week.  I like my site which has a cement patio and full hookups.  What a treat to have sewer hookups.  I'm not used to such luxury :-)

It's just a short distance from the highway - once crossed you're on the beach.   There is a levee to climb over and there are beach access lanes not far from the RV park.  I rode my bike to check out the crossover and it is pretty sandy but manageable.  I had to walk the bike over but that's  not a problem.  Tomorrow I'll attach the doggie cart to the bike and we'll head out to the beach.  It was really cold near the water today but should be warmer tomorrow.

My little babies slept all the way to the island.

My site #2.  Put out my new chairs and umbrella.

Doggies waiting patiently to go outside.

I opened the awning by myself and had some problems doing so.  The left arm would not detach itself from the coach.  I had to bang on it a couple of times for it to dislodge.  The left arm brace that holds the awning in place has a knob that won't turn to tighten it so the awning is not stretched out like the right side is.  This knob worked fine prior to my visit to Camping World to have the new awning installed.  I've had trouble with it ever since.  I'm not able to force it due to my injured hand so the wind keeps it going up and down and will probably keep me awake all night.  I'm not sure I can close it without some help.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too windy during the night.

Had my usual boiled shrimp, potatoes, dip, and an ice cold beer for supper.

Had a nice long visit with the park owner and we plan to get together to discuss common interests, during my stay here.

Very tired and will hit the sack early tonight.

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