Sunday, April 21, 2013


Our day started out as usual with me having a cup of coffee in bed while doing a little reading and enjoying time with my pets.  It is sunny and cool out and I spent a great deal of time outdoors today.

After breakfast I packed the doggies into their little red wagon and off we went to the beach.  The crossover was a little hard to cross dragging 30 pounds of dog but it was worth it once we got onto the beach.

The wooden walk way is covered in sand and not very helpful for rolling wheels.

This is the street entrance to the crossover.

The girls went crazy once on the beach.  They were very hard to handle and tried pulling me where they wanted to go.  Little Cha Bu was so hyper and would not listen to any commands I was giving.  I let it slide as she was so happy and wanted to run and sniff everything on the beach.

Playing in the Gulf.

The town beach is just as clean as the State Park.

Cha Bu enjoys rubbing her face in the sand... not sure why.

Xi Shi Quan loves to play in the waves. 

Our setup.   We rode up and down the beach before I let them out on leash. 

Later this afternoon we rode down some of the streets all the way to the bay behind the island.

Notice the pirate.

The fleet is in.

Back up the street to the highway I saw this house which has over 20 palm trees in their front yard.  Behind the house is the levee and the Gulf.

Back to our site at the park and we all took a nap.  The weather is just perfect.  I fell asleep in a chair outside under my awning while the dogs and cats slept inside.

Pat came over this evening to check on me and helped with the awning brace knob.  He thinks it has been threaded incorrectly.  It's a project for another day but he did tighten it and now the awning is stretched just right.

Had a great day.  Looking forward to another sunny day on the beach tomorrow.

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