Monday, October 17, 2011


Received the graphics I ordered and had fun decorating the coach.  I really hate those black strips of vinyl that came with the coach and took some off of the back storage compartment.  I don't want to make any drastic changes which might affect the resale value.  The graphics I added can easily be taken off.

I love those flowers.

Some of my favorite sayings.

Of course I had to have a beach scene.

Didn't know where to put the map but inside the door seems just right.



  1. Love the 60's retro look. Now you need to get to work filling out the map.

  2. Had to click thru and comment on this one...all I can say is WOW!!! I love this idea!! You did such a great job placing them, too. You've sparked my imagination now. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos...and the great idea to personalize your coach. Kudos!!

  3. Hey Joe... I will be doing just that in about 14 days. Texas here I come.

    Hi Kitty... glad you liked my graphics. I really like the flowers. In fact I'm looking to order some more that are just a little different than the ones already on the coach. It's hard covering 26 feet of coach enough to make an impression. But what the heck... it's only money ;-)

  4. Hi, where did you order them from, looks good. My coach is solid white and I need to dress it up.

  5. Hi Teri... I got the flowers from an Ebay website in the UK called: Girly Car Flower Graphics / Stickers (Vinyl Decals) #12.

    The vinyl words were ordered from

    Your coach is a clean slate and not covered with those horrible slashes of black vinyl. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!

  6. Hahaaa ... what fun! as one who survived the 60s ... I love it. far out

    Are you going to spend the winter in Texas, Gypsy? Just in Port Aransas or are you going to meander about that entire area...?

  7. Hey Carolyn... As a former Flower Child this design suits me fine ;-)

    I'm going to Texas in 14 days. First stop in Livingston to attend Boot Camp at the Escapees Club. I'll be there 5 days. Then I will head to the coast.

    I'll probably meander around and experience all of the beaches in the area like down to South Padre Island, etc. but would like to stay a couple of weeks in Port Aransas. Will meet up with Chris there.

    I've even considered staying in Texas for a couple of months but then I have to come back home. I'm watching my budget carefully. I know that the D.C. trip in March will hit me hard financially so I have to be careful.

    Do you have any plans to head to the coast?

  8. The decals are really cute. I'm fixing to strip all the old decals off my rig. They are cracked & faded. I'm thinking about creating my own look. Have fun while here in Texas!

  9. Yes... I hope to. It just all depends on m'kid. I'm hoping I can meet you and Chris. I love that area. Hopefully, Cyn and others can make it down.

    Now that I know you're going to be there a while... I'll try to plan a trip. Can't really plan! ... I'll just get up one morning and head that way...

    Livingston is where I would spend the night ... at Walmart ... that's my halfway place. I don't like to drive more than 6-7 hours a day. Not even that much really. Cute restaurant I like to eat ... never can remember the name of it! but know it when I see it ...

    I am longing for some Mexican food... love TexMex... ArkMex is a bit mild and not quite as greasy or something... I dunno ... Texas does barbecue and Mexican food reeeealy well ;)

    Port Aransas is a little over 12 hours and I like to meander. Even though I have been that route five bazillion times!

    Why are you going to DC? I mean is there something special going on or is it just because you wanna...

  10. yeah, hi Cyn... just saw your comment... surely you could make it to Port Aransas? You're close to Houston, right?

  11. Carolyn... I'm going to the "Reason Rally" in D.C. and hope to do a lot of sightseeing while there. I'll be taking my time on the return trip and plan to hug the coast and stop at many beaches along the way. I have my itinerary all planned and am really excited about it.

  12. Ah... I googled. I have never heard of a Reason Rally.

    Richard Dawkins will be there... ought to be an interesting and enlightening rally!

    Oh, and yes... that's what I did --- hugged the coast. If you've never been on the east coast... there's so much to hug! from Maine on down.

    Love that area. AND... y'gotta go on and do the perimeter of Florida and the Keys...

    I tell you! This USofA is something else...

  13. I do want to do the Keys but it will have to be on a latter trip. It's pretty expensive down there - campground wise. I'll have to save up some money for awhile.

  14. I love the flowers and sayings you put on your rig. What a great idea. Talk about a trip back to the 60s!!!

  15. Hi Jeana... Yes, it really is going to be a trip back to the 60s and 70s when I leave in 2 weeks for my first real adventure. I'll be visiting the area in Texas where I lived as a hippie and plan to bury a "Time Capsule" in memory of that magical time. Then it's on to search for AnnaLee.

  16. I love the flowers and peace sign!! Takes me back-I have the peace sign and flowers on my jeep. They look great on the rig!!

  17. Hi Janine... Thanks for the compliment. I tried to order more flowers but the Ebay store has discontinued shipping to the U.S. from the U.K. I can't find these flowers anywhere else on the Internet. :-(