Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Paid off my motorhome today.  Mailed a certified check for the balance.  Should get the title in a week or two.  What a relief that is. 

Went to Best Buy to see if I could get someone to fix my cell phone.  It's so old and old fashioned and sometimes would not come on and when it did the screen was scrambled.  So I thought of getting another like it for free from AT&T.  I didn't like the choices I had so I asked to look at iPhones.  Big mistake.  I saw what I wanted right away.  It is a white iPhone 4. 

When I was informed that it was not time for me to get an upgrade and therefore I would have to pay for this phone - I had to think about it for a minute.  That's a lot of money and I don't use my phone much... etc.  Then I asked about the camera.  That is one thing I would use.  How many megapixels did you say?  Eight?  OK, I'll take it.  I opted for the cheapest package at $15 a month.  So for $434.00 I now have upgraded to the almost latest cell phone.  I'm happy. 



  1. Oh great news! Now the freedom express is really FREE of payments! Yay!! True freedom! It's really great to own your own RV! I think you'll really like the iphone. They are kind of like mini computers, much easier to read emails on, surf on, etc when you are traveling & don't want to pull out the computer. Congrats on both!

  2. Oh wow.. that's great! that is true freedom!

    I will upgrade to 4g soon. I have had my iPhone for four years now. I do not know what I ever did without the damn thing! Totally addicted.

    My little g'daughter loves the games I downloaded for her. so cute.

    Plus I have a whole page and a half of games myself. AND... I just got the U-verse App so if I got sidetracked somewhere and DWTS was coming?

    I can tell my TV to record it... I tell ya... amazing. absolutely amazing.

    Being old and from the days of rotary dial phones and computers that took up an entire huge room... it's amazing!

    Being at a campground at a lake and able to get online, text, email, phone, play games, watch YouTube... and some TV shows..

    Am I getting paid for this commercial? HAhaaaa

    Hope I get to meet you next month.... Cyn? you think you might could get to Port Aransas?

  3. Fantastic!! You're home is paid for. I bet you feel wonderful! Congratulations and then you bought yourself a gift to boot.

  4. Hi TexCyn... Thanks for the congrats. I really do like my iPhone. Been playing around with it all morninng.

    Hey Carolyn... I think I might like that U-verse App. I'm a big fan of DWTS and hate to miss any shows.

    Hi Wanderin... Thanks for the congrats. I do feel wonderfull about owning the RV. I'm very fortunate that I could do so. And I just love my new iPhone.

  5. Congratulations on paying off your motor home. That's just great!!!

    But, wow, that's an expensive phone! I guess they aren't really JUST phones anymore, though. I have an android, and I use it for so many things. I couldn't be without it, and I hardly ever use the telephone part. You are going to LOVE all the apps, especially on the road.

  6. Hi Barbara... Thanks for the congrats. It's a great feeling.

    Yes, I agree that phone was too expensive. I still can't believe I bought it. Purchased some songs today on iTunes. Took some photos with it. Haven't looked at the apps yet... maybe tomorrow.

  7. Congratulations on paying off the rig, how liberated you must feel! Hope you like the iPhone, which one did you get?