Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Found a Speedy Oil Change place that is large enough to take motorhomes and it's only a few blocks from my house.  So I had the oil changed, a new inspection sticker which was due this month, and all fluids checked.  That cost was right at $80.00.

Went to the place where I purchased the new tires last year and asked if they would check my air pressure.  They said no problem and sure enough the back duals were low on air.  They informed me that the front tires need 65 pound of pressure and the back need 80psi.  However, the air stems on the outer tire are not easy to get to and I asked if they could modify the arrangement and they said they could but did not have the parts.  I need to get the parts elsewhere like Camping World and they will install for free.  Sounds great.  Then I will be able to check and inflate my own tires.  Then I went to fill up the gas tank. 

Now the coach is ready to roll and I still have 12 days left before departure.  Loading up on provisions will be the most time consuming chore.  I'm going to try and bring enough for several weeks and that includes my own drinking water as I don't drink out of the faucet.  My freezer can hold a good deal of food and I'll pack lots of can goods.  I think I can make it last for a few weeks before having to find a grocery store.  Not having a toad, I will have to unhook from shore every time I need groceries.  It's a good thing I still have some storage bins on the outside of the coach that are empty.

Played around with my new iPhone today and bought some songs.  The earphones are awesome.  I've taken some photos but not too impressed with the quality.  I'm used to my Nikon D80 with 10.3 megapixels so will just have to settle for less quality in my photos.  After all, it's just a phone... right?


  1. Won't be long until you're on the road. Do you have one destination in mind or will you be moving around?

  2. Why can't you leave now? If yer ready... yer ready. I am so short on patience...

    If you're going to Livingston first... the Walmart is on the way to the Escapees - if that's where you're going and you can load up.

    There will be large markets all along the way where you can just pull in -- spend the night if you want.

    HEB is Texas' main supermarkets. They have really good store brand coffee.

    and dulce --- lots of Mexcican sweets... dammit

    wanna go! Still in sweats with the heat on! can't believe it.

  3. ought to really proof m'stuff... haaa

    Texas' main supermarket and Mexican

    someone else just wrote on their blog about going to Sikeston, Missouri... to Lambert's Cafe - home of the throwed rolls! way too much food but oh so good... ;)

    wanna go

  4. Interesting about your pictures, did you get the iPhone 4s? I enlarged it and there is a lot of digital noise, did you possibly manipulate it before uploading? I'd love to be able to talk with you about the phone, because I've had tremendous luck, especially with a well lit subject like your pup. As to music, remember that you can also add your own CDs to the music. Keep shooting, I'm interested in your results!

  5. Hi Joe... I'm going to attend a Boot Camp in Livingston, Texas first. May stay there for 5 days then head toward the coast and Galveston then meander down to Port Aransas.

    Hey Carolyn... thanks for the info on the markets. I'm taking my time in preparation and set a certain date for departure because it calms me. I always get so excited before leaving on a trip. I have an itinerary of places I want to stop and sleep and hang out. It's flexable but it's a planned trip. I'm OCD ya know ;-)

    I hear you're meeting Chris for lunch. Give her my regards. I hope to see you both soon.

    Hi Kate... No I didn't get the iPhone 4s. I got the iPhone 4 and I really like it.

    That photo of my little doggie was only manipulated for sharpness as it was a terrible photo and that was all I could do to make it a little nicer. I need to keep my hand steady in the future as this may help with clarity.
    I'll probably have better luck taking photos outside, especially at the beach. My Nikon is really bulky and awkward to carry so the iPhone camera will do nicely. If you have any tips to share they will be greatly appreciated.

  6. No I didn't know your are OCD... ;) well? did you ever watch Monk? loved loved loved that show.

    Yes Chris will be coming my way and I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

    I have been using my iPhone camera exclusively since 2007 for my photos. I love it. What program do you use to upload to your computer?

    I have a Mac laptop and iPhoto. This helps with a bit of correcting.

    I still have the 3g and as I said I will upgrade soon to 4 or well, now it's the 5!

    You can also download the camcorder. Have you been to the App store yet? there are tons of apps.

    There is an app - Camera Plus Pro which seems to be a really good camera. It's $1.99 -- I'll upgrade when I get my newer iPhone. But for now... mine works pretty good.

    The photos on my blog are from what I have now... some are better than others ;)

    I'm just the opposite with planning... attention span of a gnat. I've tried planning in the past but would always see a this or that and take off in pursuit! I'm ADD... haaaa...

    It's always something...

  7. your are? sigh.... you're! and works pretty well...!

    I swear I need to proof m'stuff...

  8. Carolyn... just went to the app store and got the Camera Plus Pro and the Panarama. Having fun with both.

  9. Oh, yes the Panarama... This makes me want to go ahead and upgrade... I need to check the exact date I'm eligible.

    post some pictures!

  10. Oh, baruther... I just checked and then chatted with an online agent... bummer. My upgrade would be - just copied a bit from the website and chat.
    My upgrade showed ...

    $199.99 - 299.99 - 399.99

    Michelle S.: Those are the discounted prices. The iPhone 4S 16 GB is $649.99, 32 GB is $749.99 and the 64 GB is $849.99 without an upgrade.

    So, Gypsy... you got a new iPhone for $400 something? well then why is my upgrade that much. rats.

    We have a dedicated Apple store now and I'm going to visit them and see what's what.

    I'm not that dissatisfied at all with what I have certainly don't want to fork over another $400 or so.

  11. Carolyn... I bought an iPhone 4 with 8GB not an iPhone 4S. That's why it's cheaper. I paid full price as I was not up for an upgrade yet.

    I'm putting together a slide show of some photos taken today with the iPhone. I was not pleased with the photos taken indoors but the ones taken outdoors did come out a whole lot better. I've got to remember that this is a PHONE! then I won't be so disappointed ;-)