Thursday, October 20, 2011


Much better clarity when taken outdoors.

Playing fetch

Lovely moss

My favorite Oak belongs to the bank.  This is where Xi Shi makes her daily deposit. 

Going back home after our long walk through the fields.

Playing with an app

Candles and a cup of tea.

The back porch

Am I having fun yet?  You bet!


  1. Sprint offers I-phones now, and I haven't upgraded my phone in about 5 years, so I may get one once I get on the road.

  2. Cool app, I like the coffee cups & candles one. Xi Shi is cute, but really? A daily deposit at the bank? haahaa! That is one beautiful big oak!

    Teri, I did NOT need to know that. I have sprint...hmmmm...or maybe a blackberry. But not another Samsung Instinct! Grrrr

  3. Hi Teri... I see I'm not alone in that I haven't upgraded in about 5 years.

    TexCyn... Xi Shi takes a long walk every morning and by the time she gets to that Oak by the bank it's time for her to go. So... that's the spot. LOL

  4. I think the pictures are great! I have the cartoon effect thing on my Mac but didn't know the iPhone had it... hadn't thought about.

    I think whatever I can get on my Mac, I can get on my iPhone and vice versa...

    Fun aren't they? How about doing a panoramic thing. I'd like to play with that..

    You downloaded Maps yet? Do YouTube, iTunes and iPod come already on your screen? It's been so long, I've forgotten.

    iBooks is also fun. ... many many TOOO many ... laugh out loud

  5. Carolyn... Maps, YouTube, and iTunes come already on the screen. It came with 22 apps and I have since gotten 8 new apps. I searched for iBooks and it said no matches. Don't know why.

  6. ah... I thought so but couldn't remember. Well? I don't understand ibooks either...

    How interesting.. I just clicked on search... says no matches... then I clicked on my app... it had my one book on the bookshelf --- Winnie the Pooh ;) ... it was the free one- I haven't bought any as yet.

    It was there, I clicked on it and it went away! wth? The app is still there but no book.

    I clicked on the various buttons within the app and the only one that will work is the 'store' button.

    I guess the freebie was a temporary thing. That sucks. No.... I just clicked on purchases within the store thing and up pops Winnie! wth

    Now! it's says I purchased it and the date. But it will not let me read it. Underneath Pooh are other free books for downloading.

    Well? I don't know... maybe they're having a bad day... My little g'baby loved this. Well, for four seconds... Hahaaa

    I'll keep trying... this is interesting.