Saturday, November 19, 2011


Left Tropic Island Resort and checked in to IB Magee Beach Camping for two nights at $12 a night.  It is located on the northern most point of Mustang Island in Port Aransas on the ship channel and consists of 167 acres. There are 75 campsites.  There were quiet a few motorhomes on the beach and I found a spot near the main office that I liked. There is another solo woman traveler next to me from Minnesota. She will be spending the whole winter here on the beach.

I couldn’t wait to get out into the wind and waves. Xi Shi went wild when she saw the beach. I tried to video her going crazy and got a little bit of it. She absolutely loves the beach. We both do. All of my wondering and waiting has been worth it. I just love it here. Spent the afternoon walking the shoreline and sitting on my chair in the sunshine.   There were some guys parasailing right in front of my coach and it was great fun watching them.

Chris came over for a little visit and we walked our dogs along the beach. As the sun began to set we were getting a little cold and damp from the salt air so Chris went back to her campground and I came inside to clean up and have supper. I cooked last night so had leftover shrimp and crab spaghetti. It was great. I was so hungry. The beach always makes me so hungry.

I’m running the generator right now so I can write this blog and use the microwave. My fridge is doing fine on propane. I filled up on water before leaving the campground so I’m good to go.

I took so many photos of my campsite that I will have to upload them little at a time over the next few days. I’ll be going into the IB Magee RV campground on Monday night as the winds are going to be about 30 mph and I don’t want to be on the beach during those gusts. Then the weather is supposed to clear up and I might come back to the beach for a couple of days.

Looking out my window tonight and seeing the Gulf and hearing the waves breaking so close to me... well... I just couldn’t be happier. My joy was rising the minute I parked my coach and steped out onto the sand. This is wonderful. This is what I came to Texas for.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

Peace out

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Today's post just confirms your soul and the tides are one.

  2. Hi Joe... Speaking of tides... I was almost in one. LOL

    This morning I noticed how wet the sand was on the side of my coach. The tide had come up that far. I'm parked a good distance from the water but it still came up that high. I have moved over a bit today.

  3. All the best sista!! Happy safe travels :)

  4. Hi Anonymous... Thanks. Do I know you?