Friday, November 18, 2011


Very quiet day today.  Stayed in and finished the book I was reading.  I'll be checking out tomorrow and heading to the beach.  It's been a long week for me here at this campground.  I had no idea how long the Red Tide was going to last so paid for a week.  The Red Tide left days ago and I've been inland instead of surfside waiting patiently for Saturday to come.   So tomorrow I return to my planned itenerary of staying on as many beaches as I can while on this trip.

I had hoped that all of us solo ladies who met up here in Port Aransas would have been able to gather around a fire near the surf under a full moon and share life's experiences but our paths seem to have gone in different directions.  I guess it wasn't meant to be.  

I may be a week late but I'll be there tomorrow night with bells on.   


  1. That would be great ... never heard from you all. You didn't ask for my phone number when I got yours. Chris has mine.

    I saw her RV at the beach next day ... after realizing it was hers, I turned around to say hello and she pulled out. She did wave. Just assumed you guys had plans. I don't like to intrude.

    I asked Kelli if she had heard from either of you and she said no. We had asked you all to do something after the luncheon but Chris told Kelli to take her back to her RV after Kelli took her to the hardware store.

    You said you wanted to just go back to your RV also and well we never heard from either of you again.

    There is a chili cook off thing Saturday -- Kelli will be helping out and I'm going to drop by. We're camped at the Marina. After Homer's mishap this morning ... just couldn't face SAND ...

    Please call either of us if you want to get together ... be great

    I'll be leaving soon and was hoping to hear from you...

  2. Hi Carolyn... I didn't have any plans during my stay at Tropic Island Resort. I was just staying there to wait out the Red Tide.

    Chris had many things she had to do but I used the time to catch up on my reading.

    Now I'm at the beach and loving it. It's such an exciting time for me to be in my coach with all the comforts and to also be near the surf. I can't believe I'm finally here.

    I'll be here till Monday. If you ride by stop and say hi.