Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Went to the beach today. Chris unhooked her motorhome and picked me up around 11:00. We rode around IB Magee RV Park and I picked a spot that had an ocean view. There is only water and electric with a dump station nearby for $25 a night.

I also inquired about overnight parking on the beach and that is $12.00 with use of the dump station included. When I leave here on Saturday I’m thinking of staying on the beach a few nights then a week in the campground. Then I’ll be heading back home with many stops along the way.

Very overcast day and it started to drizzle while we were there.

Later we parked on the beach and picked seashells. I found some pretty interesting ones. Some I have never seen before.

Angel Wings are new to  me.  I would love to know what kind of crab has that leopard design on its shell.  It's really pretty.  I love finding pink shells even if they are barnacles.

Very interesting Leopard Crab.


Walking around my coach today I noticed a water spot on the cement under my water tank. I’m pretty sure I have a small leak because when dry camping my water pump comes on when I’m not using water. So back to Camping World when I get home.


  1. I believe the gulf has a magnetic hold on you and won;t let you get too far away.

  2. Hi Joe... ya know, I think you're right ;-)

  3. I like those leopard print shells.

  4. Beautiful shells. I like your plan of a few nights on the beach, then a week in the park. I've never parked ON the beach before. :)

  5. Hi Teri... I did some research and found that it is called a Leopard Crab.

    Hepatus epheliticus, known by various names, including the calico crab, Dolly Varden crab and Leopard crab, is a species of crab. It lives in shallow water in the western Atlantic Ocean from the Chesapeake Bay to the Dominican Republic. It has a 3 in–wide carapace adorned with large red spots with darker outlines.

    The range of C. epheliticus extends from the Chesapeake Bay southwards, including the whole of the Gulf of Mexico, and as far south as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

    I found a photo of one intact that I'll post here later.

  6. Hi Barbara... If you like being next to the ocean you'll love parking on the beach. Night time near the surf is wonderful. I especially like a campfire but I don't think I can have one here in Texas.

  7. I've never seen the leopard shells before, really interesting! Nor had I heard of a leopard crab - really rather pretty huh?

  8. Hi TexCyn... those Leopard Crabs are really unique. Hope you're feeling better.