Thursday, December 15, 2011


Woke up to sun shinning through my bedroom window and it turned out to be a perfectly georgeous day.  I rolled out my awning which I hadn't done in months and sat outside to enjoy my morning coffee.

Caiche' and Bunny watching a little bird on the picnic table.

My friend Pat came over this morning to take me to the boat dock for some fresh shrimp.  We first went over to his place and I helped him unload a sofa that he picked up for one of his rental properties.   Then we headed to the boat dock.

Xi Shi goes crazy when she sees Pat.  He has to pick her up and she makes these strange vocal sounds trying to communicate with him.  It's so strange to see her act that way with somebody besides me. 

There are 3 containers of shrimp of different sizes to choose from.  I bought 6 pounds of the largest ones.  I want to freeze a couple of pounds for my home freezer.  I boiled the rest this afternoon with onions, garlic, potatoes, and no corn because I forgot to buy some - and of course liquid crab and shrimp boil... liquid fire.  Love the stuff.

Pat came over and enjoyed some shrimp.  We had some wine and conversation and enjoyed the campfire.  What a great ending to a fun week at the beach.  Going home tomorrow.


  1. Once again, yummie! I had shrimp at RockFish today and they named them right. They look like those little dried Mexican shrimp. How disappointing.

  2. Looks sooo good!! Not just the food, but the lifestyle and company you have met on the road!!
    Continue to enjoy.....Happy Holidays!!

  3. Nice day! You and Xi look so content there on the picnic table. Looks like you are finding the RV rhythm that suits you. vtchris

  4. Hi Michselll... My shrimp turned out great. Nice and spicy and with a good cold beer... oh yeah.

    Hi Janine... I've been camping here at the beach in Greand Isle all my life. It's kinda home to me. Met my friend Pat years ago while riding motorcycles with the local HOG chapter. He lives on the island.

    Hi Chris... Xi Shi fits right in with this beach lifestyle. She loves it. I would like to travel to other places and I guess I eventually will but this is so familiar and convenient that I just keep coming back.

  5. Oops, sorry Michael. Mispelled your name.

  6. That shrimp looks so good.
    I can understand going back to the same place, I do that too. Its close and its comfy to me and its away.
    Its nice to have a good friend like Pat. Good company and fun, no strings. I have me a bud like that too.

  7. Hi JOJO... Pat has turned out to be a really good friend, always coming by to check on me to see that I'm alright. He does the same thing at my house in Houma when he is in town to get supplies. He's the brother I never had.

  8. Great to have a friend like Pat! The shrimp look good. It's nice to be where you can get it right off the boat. I used to get mine that way too when I lived in Galveston county. I do not like store bought stuff because once it's treated, I taste the bleach in it. Yuk!! Care to share your shrimp boil recipie? I usually either bbq mine or scampi it. Oh & I like spicy too. Oh heck, just mail me some! :-9

  9. Hi TexCyn... My recipe is simple. Add lots of salt and about a half bottle of Zataran's liquid crab and shrimp boil (less if you can't handle a burning tongue) into a large pot of boiling water. To that add potatoes, onions, garlic, and corn on the cob. Let cook for about 15 minutes or when potatoes are done then remove from pot. Add shrimp to the boiling water and cook for a few minutes then remove from heat. Depending on size of shrimp cooking time may vary. I also make my own dip using mayo and ketchup and hot sauce and onions.

    Then pop open an ice cold beer and enjoy the feast.