Sunday, December 11, 2011


Left Houma this morning around 10:00 and arrived in Grand Isle at 11:30.  Stopped at my friend Pat's house and he invited me to have a meal with him and his girlfriend.  Stayed for a couple of hours then headed to the State Park for the next 5 days.  The sun had finally come out and it was nice and crispy cold.  The forecast for the week looks great.  In the upper 60s and 70 on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Got set up and then took Xi Shi for a walk on the beach.  She remembers it well and knew just where to go to get there.  We had it all to ourselves as it was deserted.  I was surprised to see how many campers were in the park.  We took a walk to look for out of state license plates and found Montana, Washington, and Indiana.

Tonight it is around 45 degrees and I'm very comfy cozy in my pajamas with the electric fireplace going.  It gives off such a pretty glow.  I tried to take a photo of it but the flames don't show up.

This is a nice fire we had in our backyard last night.

Tomorrow Pat will come by and pick me up and take me to the boat dock to buy some fresh shrimp for a shrimp boil.    It's been so long since I had my seasoned boiled shrimp and potatoes and corn.  Ummmmm.... can't wait.

I'm getting better at taking video with my iPhone and today I took about 5 different ones of the walk to the beach.  The wind was blowing pretty hard so the sound is loud, but they're not bad.  I tried to load one but it didn't work.  I'll try again tomorrow.

It's time to sit on the floor and throw toys for my doggie to fetch.  She likes to play that game every night before bed.  It's also time for supper.  Having ribeye steak and potatoes... and of course red wine.  Tonight's movie is Midnight Bayou.

What a great day it has been.


  1. Hi Luci and Loree... I consider myself very fortunate to live so close to the Gulf Coast which allows me to enjoy all the great seafood as well as sun and surf.

  2. Enjoy! I can just see Xi running around. vtchris

  3. That little fireplace is in your RV? It's so cute & looks like a comfy luxury item! Yum, shrimp boil! It's been quite some time since I've had that too.

  4. Hi Chris... Yes, Xi Shi ran circles around me on the beach she was so happy. I took some videos but having trouble uploading them to the blog. I'll keep trying.

  5. Hi TexCyn... Yes, that little fireplace was my first purchase after buying the RV. It was at Camping World for $99 and I couldn't resist. It fits snuggly in the corner of the bedroom. Has 3 controls and a thermostat. I just love it.