Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We had some excitement here last night. A loud noise under the coach woke me in the middle of the night. Then I heard cat screams and a scuffle. It sounded like 2 cats fighting but now that I think about it, I only heard one cat screaming. I got up and opened the door but hesitated to go outside and look under the coach. So I slammed the door and hoped that it scared away the animals.

Then again at 5:00 this morning there was another fight. This time it sounded like they were inside my coach. The fight was so loud with sounds of clanging against the under side of the coach. I got up again, opened the door and slammed it. Then I thought if I started the motor of the coach they would run away, but was too sleepy and went back to bed.

Woke up around 8:00 and opened the door to a beautiful sunny day. Then I heard a faint, little meow.  I immediately thought that it must be an abandoned kitten and I’m always a sucker for them and knew I would rescue it. I followed the sound and inside the back tire well was my poor little Bunny Kitty sitting on top of the dual tires. I reached for her and she kept crying as I picked her up and cuddled her and took her inside. I checked her body and didn’t see any blood or cuts but she was limping and couldn’t put her weight on her right back leg. I felt around for broken bones but all seemed fine. My first thought was that there must be a hole somewhere in the coach where she escaped to the outside. My mind raced to try and figure out how she wound up outside of the coach. In an instant I remembered what I had done the night before that led to this circumstance.

Around 10:00pm last night I opened the door to let the dog out for the last time and saw the clouds had parted and there was the full moon. I grabbed my camera and tried to get a good shot of it. I left the screen door open because my cats have been taught that they can not go outside from the coach and they never have. Especially this little meek and shy Bunny Kitty who hides under the furniture when anyone comes around. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would sneek out. After taking many photos, went back inside and watched a movie then went to bed and I never noticed her missing because she likes to sleep under the sofabed. I assumed that’s where she was. Her meow is very soft and I never heard her crying at the door during the night.

So my poor little Bunny spent the night under the coach fighting off who knows what while I slept. Can’t tell you how awful I feel about it. That just breaks my heart. I’ll have to be real cautious from now on and make sure that they don’t slip out without me noticing. One thing that I am pleased about is that she didn’t run away into the woods but stayed under her home. I’m sure she could hear us inside and wondered why she couldn’t get back in. So sad. Thank goodness she wasn’t killed. She’s been sleeping on the bed in her favorite spot all day. I’m sure she didn’t get any sleep last night. It’s a good thing I didn’t start the motor which probably would have made her run into the woods and become more vulnerable to another animal. The small space inside the wheel well kept her safe.

I'm keeping that window shut Momi.

Xi Shi Quan and I took our usual long morning walk on the beach. It’s still very windy but not as cold. Took a few photos. Came back to the coach and had breakfast. Rode my bike around the campground. I’m loving this weather and tomorrow will be even warmer.

This afternoon more RVs drove into the campground. One couple is from Colorado. Another couple in a truck camper are from South Dakota. They told me they came here because they thought it would be warm and sunny and that we had no real winter. I assured them that we do indeed have a real winter with freezing temps but that it didn’t last very long. I’m glad that tomorrow will be warmer so they can enjoy the beach.

This camper is from Louisiana.  Is he serious about catching fish and crabs or what?  Notice the freezer.

Supper tonight is beef roast, Jasmin rice with gravy, and corn. Tonight’s movie is "A Family of Spies."


  1. What a night for Bunny Kitty, probably won't be anxious to sneak out in the future. Glad all's well the ends well.

  2. Glad to hear that Bunny survived the night out, it worries me that my cat may try to run out someday.

  3. I somehow left my driver's door ajar and the dog and cat got out at night in a Walmart parking lot. A man yelling and hammering on my door early in the morning had me scared but he was nice. The dog was running around, the cat was under the van and only meowed after I got the dog back in. Their hidey-holes can make it hard to keep track of them. Glad your poor kitty survived. Bet she doesn't go adventuring again.

  4. That shot of the clouds over the ocean is especially nice. And I'm so glad you and kitty are back together, safe and sound.

  5. Hey there, glad the kitty is okay!

    Just spoke to Monty, pauvre bete. He is trying to reach you by telephone. He's got two big things wrong with him. One is a "frozen shoulder" on the left side, which he got a cortisone shot for (but that's making him very thirsty).
    The other is "Meniere's Disease" which is an inner ear disorder which is giving him dizziness & vertigo.


    Anyway, he says call him when you get a chance.

  6. Hi Joe, Teri, Luci & Loree, Tesaje, and Kate. Thanks for the kind words. Bunny is doing fine but when I think about how close she came to death I shudder. If she would have run into the bushes the stray cats would have killed her for sure. She has no claws and is very delicate weighing only about 5 pounds. Poor little thing.

  7. Hi Joel, thanks for letting me know about Mont. He has my cell number but for some reason won't ever call it.

  8. Oh scary for your little kitty. I'm glad she's ok, she's beautiful! On the TT, they might be fulltimers. I used to read a blog of a girl that lived in her TT in La & she was excited when she got that kind of freezer to store more food in. She lived in campgrounds with her husband that I think did contract work. It might be her?

  9. I don't think these folks are full-timers. We see a lot of campers decked out like that around here who come for the good crabbing and fishing. They stay a couple of days then head home with their catch which usually feeds them for a season.