Saturday, April 27, 2013


Left Grand Isle around 11:30 and arrived home around 1:00 this afternoon.  When we left the campground we went to the Bridgeside Marina parking area with beach access. 

I'm standing on the levee where you can see the bay on the left and the Gulf on the right.  A very narrow part of the island.

I parked the motorhome and took the dogs for a walk on the beach.  They had not pottied since last night and boy did they have to go.  Each one pooped twice and peed many times during their playtime.

We're actually walking on a buried tube which was a little scary for me.

Once we got to where the waves cornered us the little doggies wanted to turn around and go back. 

This part of the island is narrow and you can stand on the levee and see the bay on the left and the gulf on the right.  The long tubes are to help with the buildup of land which was eroding at this end of the island.  There were some families enjoying the beach as well as some men surf fishing.  

Xi Shi ran and dove into the waves.

 Xi climbing back onto the tube.

 That's one wet little Shih Tzu.

We walked as far as the dogs would go on the end of the beach and then walked up the beach a good ways.  Xi Shi ran and dove into the water several times but Cha Bu is still a little cautious of those waves.   We met another dog who wanted to play.  She was on leash and very friendly.

Went back to the motorhome and left the island.  I won't be back until the end of next month.

Crossing over the bridge leaving Grand Isle.  Ahead is the little village of Cheniere Caminada which is also a little island.

The tip end of Cheniere.

My little babies slept all the way home.  They were tired out from their play time on the beach.

Cha Bu Khan - my heart.
Once I pulled into our driveway in Houma, the dogs and cats were ready to run for the front door.  I didn't have to coax anyone out of the camper this time.


A couple of weeks ago I linked my blog to my Google+ profile causing Google+ comments to appear on my blog.  I was not aware that it would require anyone who wanted to leave a comment to have a Google+ profile.  I have since tried to reverse this process and return to the default commenting system on Blogger but am not able to.  There doesn't seem to be a way to reverse the process.

I can understand some folks not wanting to open another account or just don't want to divulge more personal information.  However, when I opened my Google+ I did not give my birthday.  It is not necessary to do so.  One piece of info they give is to not put accurate info when applying - for instance a false date of birth - if you so desire. 

I am seeing a big difference in my comments section of my blog as folks who usually comment have not been doing so.  So sorry about that.

If anyone knows how to reverse this process, and return to the default commenting system on Blogger, please let me know.

I miss your comments.


  1. Well, that's a bummer! I read elsewhere that in the future we are going to have to open a Google+ account to comment, just like you need to join Facebook to access someone's Facebook site. That will reduce all our comments, because I'm sure there are people who won't want to open a Google+ account. I didn't want one, but finally did so I'd get the extra space for photos. But like Facebook, I don't use my account.

    Love your photos of the sleeping dogs - there's nothing as cute as a sleeping baby or dog, is there?

    1. Hi Barbara... I have a Google+ account and enjoy reading post on there as well but want to keep my Blogger page just the way it has always been. Hope that doesn't change. I agree about a sleeping dog or baby. It's just so sweet. Good to hear from you.