Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It rained most of the day today so there was no going to the beach.  Yesterday evening I picked up all of the patio stuff and closed my awning in preparation for the thunderstorms that I knew were coming.  Had some trouble with the awning and my friend Pat came by to help out.  He also lifted the bike into the basement which I was glad he did.

I walked the dogs early this morning and they have been inside all day long wondering why they can't go outside.  It took me forever to get all of the burrs out of their hair once we returned from our walk.  I'm hoping that they will continue to use the puppy pads inside the coach as I won't be walking them again in the grass.  If we do go to the beach tomorrow we'll have no motorized transportation to get there.  However, it will be worth it to not have to pick burrs out of their hair for an hour.  Walking on the sand is so much nicer.

Me and Pat waiting for our food.

Great sandwich.

Pat picked me up for a lunch date and we went to the Bridgeside Marina for a roast beef po-boy.  It was delicious.  While in the cafe we heard the weather bulletin on the TV that there was a tornado warning for the Houma area.  I was hoping that the worst of the weather would not hit Grand Isle... and it didn't.

The view from our table overlooking Caminada Bay... right before the rain.

We also stopped by the Grand Isle Tourist Center so I could register for the Island Wide Garage Sale next month.  We were greeted by Wayne Keller, the executive director of Grand Isle Port Commission.

The Butterfly Dome is right next to the Tourist office.

I enjoyed the rain today and took a long nap when I returned from lunch.  Remained indoors the rest of the day. 

The view out of  my bedroom window.

Little Bunny Kitty thinks this rainy weather is perfect for napping. 

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