Friday, April 26, 2013


I thought the sun would come out today but  as  hard as it tried, it didn't make it.  We went to the beach anyway - for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Not having the electric bike to carry the dogs in, I decided I'd try to use the beach cart.  I put the small doggie bed at the bottom and placed both dogs inside the netting.  Put the ice chest and towel in the top baggage compartment and off we went.

Rolling down the highway in the bike lane was easy.  Turned onto the beach access crossover and trying to roll in sand was not.  I leashed up the dogs and had them walk across the levee while I dragged the cart behind me on the large wheels.  Did the same thing coming back.

They were so glad to be on the beach and not have to worry about getting their little feet stuck with burrs.

Cha Bu is still not sure she likes the waves coming at her.

Xi Shi wants her to go into the water with her.  "Come on... it'll be fun!"

"The water is nice and cold."

"Come on in Cha Bu."

This is what Cha Bu really likes to do.  She loves to climb onto the dunes and smell.  Smell, smell, smell.

Now she wants her big sister to climb with her but Xi Shi is not that interested.

I was enjoying this short visit to the beach and knew that it would be my last for a month or so.  I wish I had carried one of my folding chairs but didn't think it would fit into the beach cart with the dogs.  I sure hope I can get the electric bike fixed before our trip back here next month. 

The RV Park owners invited me to a campfire along with some of the other campers.  It was very nice and there were no mosquitoes.  The picture quality is very poor as my iphone does not take good photos at night.

Placed a Peace Rock.  We're leaving in the morning.


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