Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This morning after breakfast, Xi Shi and I took a walk to the cabin area in search of Bayou Bartholomew.  We found the cabins at the end of a dead end road.  They were very nice cabins which sat along the water's edge with little piers behind each cabin.  However, the cabins are not along the bayou but along Big Slough Lake.  So... where is the bayou?

Well, according to the map, the bayou is where we were yesterday near the playground.  All I saw when I was there was a fence behind the playground.  Perhaps it is beyond the fence.  Will check it out when we leave tomorrow.  We also did not find the Equine trails which may be there as well.  It was such a long walk that I didn't really check it out all the way to the end.

According to the map, there are no fishing piers in the park and the boat launch is closed.  We did see the pool area yesterday but it is closed, also.

Big Slough Lake

Nice cabins facing water.

Almost in the lake.

Cypress in the lake.

Crooked stream running through the forest.

Back to our campsite.

Placed a Peace Rock.  We're leaving in the morning.

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