Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Left Chemin-A-Haut park this morning at 9:30 and rode around to the area that I had not seen.  Finally found the bayou.  This is the fence that I saw yesterday and that's the bayou down below to the right.

Bayou Bartholemew

Nice walking trail in the playground area along the bayou.

Visitor's Center with pool off to the right.  Both closed.



Left the park and crossed the border into Arkansas.  I was very near where my dad's parents used to live.  Decided not to stay in Arkansas and headed on to our next state park in Louisiana.


Arrived at the park around noon and walked to the office.  The ranger informed me that the park was closed due to repair of the bath house.  We chatted for a minute and he asked me where I was from.  I told him Houma and he said he once lived in Breau Bridge.  Cool.

He then asked me how many nights I planned on staying.  I said only one and he said OK... however, he would not be able to charge me for the site.  WOW... that's nice. 

He said I could have my pick of any site that wasn't blocked off.  There are a couple of campers in the park but not sure if they are workers or what.  I thanked him and rode to the lake. 

The site I wanted was available and it is right next to the Camp Host, which I like.  I backed in and hooked up electric but not water.  It's just not worth the hassle for one night.  I did notice this site has sewer but my tanks are empty so don't need it either.  Sure wish the campground was open and that this were one of my longer stays as it is really nice and offers water views for many RV sites.

I'm parked near the boat dock and fishing pier.

I took Xi Shi for a walk and it really is pretty here.  There are paved walking trails everywhere.  There are also Nature Trails, a pavillion, a pool, tennis courts, mini golf course, Visitor's Center, laundromat, and playground.   The campground has 65 paved sites with about 10 having water views.

The view from my bedroom window.

View from another bedroom window.

View of the Camp Host from my living room window.

Paved walking trail.

Lots of space between sites.

Down to the boat dock.

Walking into the lake.

Small boat dock.

Long fishing pier.

Nature Trail near our campsite.

Small fishing pier/boat dock.

Although I'd love to come back here, the chances of that are slim.  However, I was told by several people that I have yet to see their best state park and is 3 parks away on my agenda.  I'm looking forward to that.

So I placed our Peace Rock and we'll be leaving in the morning.

I have great Verizon Air Card reception for the first time in a long time.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful park! I wish you could stay longer, too. Can't imagine what the 3rd park down has that this one doesn't. Looking forward to photos of that one. :)

    1. Hi Barbara... I can't imagine either. None of the websites have any revealing photos of the parks so it's really hard to tell what they are like. I'll be sure to post a lot of photos.

  2. What a beautiful park! I have bookmarked it. Have you stayed at Petit Jean State Park? (I think that is the name of it) - I was there - geez, about 30 years ago, LOVED IT! - stayed in a cabin, not an RV, so I'm curious if it is still as beautiful as it was back then.
    Thanks for your blog, very informative

    1. Hi Jool... I haven't stayed at any parks in Arkansas. The one you mention is located about in the middle of the state and I haven't traveled that far into Arkansas. My trips have been to the southern border area where I had relatives. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy blogging and try to do so every night that I am on the road.

  3. Really nice of them to let you stay! I often don't hook W&S if it is just for one night.....that is what the holding tanks are for. Next Fall I hope to make it to a few of the LA State Parks and glad you are scouting ahead for me haha.

    1. Hi Chris... Yes, you can call me Scout ;-) Depending on what you look for in a park, this one is a good choice for me. I've ranked it at #5 out of 14 and I have 8 more to go. I would consider returning to the top 5 on my list. I'll be posting a map of the top 5 soon showing their location. Hope you're enjoying your stay in Arizona.