Sunday, March 25, 2012


Tried to go down another hiking trail today but found more big, muddy holes so turned around and came back up.

On our walk down to the fishing pier this morning we met up with two stray dogs.  They weren't wearing collars so I assumed they were strays.  The first one to approach us was the larger of the two and a very friendly female.  I was a little afraid at first but Xi Shi kept pulling me towards her and so I got close and the two of them sniffed noses.   Once close enough to take a photo I noticed the dog's eyes.  They were the most beautiful light blue color... I just couldn't believe how blue they were.  She didn't look like a pure breed of dog so I'm guessing this is a rare occurence.

Beautiful blue eyes.

Xi Shi found her fascinating.  She followed her around and pranced and asked her to play, however, the stray sat there looking at her and not responding to her requests.

We crossed over the highway to the lake and there was the other dog coming at us.  Xi Shi sat down in her docile mode and I put my hand out to the dog and she licked it.  Then they sniffed noses and went their seperate ways.  No one seemed to be the owner of these dogs as they walked the pier being friendly to everyone.  Very sweet animals.

Not as many people on the pier today.  We walked closer to the water and spoke to a couple of people fishing.

Xi Shi walked very near the edge of the lake but didn't go in.  I'm surprised.  It is so pretty under the trees that we stayed there a good while.  There were cars parked mere feet from the fishing area and some people had chairs and ice chests with them.  If I had a car, that is where I'd spend the day.

We took the other walking trail back to our campsite.

Rode my bike, read my book, played fetch with the dog, ate lunch, searched the Internet for the nearest Walmart, and placed a Peace Rock.   We're leaving in the morning - a day before our time is up but I'm bored so it's time to move on.  

I've decided not to book for longer than 2 days from now on.  This changes my itenerary drastically but I think I'd like to get back home in a few weeks as opposed to a few months.  I can still visit all of the state parks as planned but won't be attending the festivals along the way.  I think it would be better if I made a special trip to the individual festivals instead of trying to fit them into my itenerary. 

It's lonely traveling solo.  I have gone days without speaking to a single person.  Everywhere I look there are couples and families with children having fun.  I have not run into any solo travelers and sometimes it appears that I am looked at as an oddity.  Whether or not that is the case, I feel like an outsider.  I like my alone time but also need some socializing from time to time.  That's not going to happen on this trip.  If I eventually consider doing more types of trips like this one I would definitely have to have a tow car to get around in.  Right now, I just can't afford it.


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I don't understand the lack of solo travelers in the area. I have run into so many. I think in your area there are quite a few. Look up RVBuddies we are a group Nationwide and also in Canada. There is no fee to join and it is women only. Some are married but their husbands don't like to camp and some are widows some just single. I would love to go along with you but I live in AZ. I have made friends at camp groundswhich are solo women and we meet up every so often during the winter. I have met bloggers that have stopped in Tucson or other southern parts of AZ. It was fun.
    Most of us will part from the south for the summer and head for home or cooler places.
    I don't have a toad either and it makes it hard unless you are with other campers who have a car. Good luck and I hope you meet some solo campers along the way.

    1. Hi JOJO... Not only am I not running into any solo travelers, some of these parks are nearly empty. Sometimes I like having the quiet and the park all to myself but after awhile I get lonely. Thank you for the suggestion of RVBuddies but I am limited as to how far I can travel. Most folks follow the comfortable temperatures... meaning places too far for me to travel (and I don't like the desert). Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What beautiful campsites you have in Louisiana! I'm still in the planning stages of RV travel for now - have an elderly parent to care for here in Texas. In the meantime I read and enjoy your blog and others. I especially like how you describe not only the parks but which site numbers are the best! Excellent! How far do you travel out of state? I mean, do you go somewhere in the winter, or somewhere cooler in the summer? Do you mostly take short trips?
    Hope we can meet up some day. We're of the same era. Love your peace rocks!

    1. Hi Jool... Yes, we do have some pretty nice campgrounds here. I haven't traveled very far - just Texas (for a month) and Mississippi (for a week). I have a favorite place I go about an hour and a half from my home where there is a state park by the Gulf. I'm there just about every month. I don't travel to different climates. I live in a sub-tropical climate and it's fine year round. Gets a bit hot in the summer but I can live with that. Right now I just don't have the funds to travel any further, that's why I decided to do the Louisiana Parks because it's so cheap for me with my Senior Pass.

      Yes, it would be nice to meet up someday. Glad you like my Peace Rocks. I enjoy painting my Peace Rocks and leaving them for others to find.

  3. That is the way i felt too, like an outsider and looked at as an oddity, by myself. People i did strike up a conversation with were nice, not weird or anything, but may go days w/o talking to anyone. And everyone was paired up. It was lonely. But just forged ahead :) saw what i wanted. I did have a tow tho, so was not stuck in one place, could branch out some & not have spend a fortune on gas :) Have a good time!!

    1. Hi Loree... I think a lot more solo travelers feel this way but don't admit it. At least you saw what you wanted. I don't think I ever will. I think it would be alot better with a toad but the cost is just not in my budget. Glad you stopped by. Hope you're doing well.