Monday, March 26, 2012


Left Poverty Point State Park around 10:00 this morning and drove around trying to find the beach.  I took the road that was supposed to lead me there which is out of the campground itself, but it led me to a dead end.  Turned around and headed for our next park.

Arrived in Bastrop around noon and found a Walmart Pharmacy.  I needed to have my meds refilled.  So I shopped while waiting.  Bought some groceries and also a cute red blouse to cheer me up.

Got to the park and checked in for 2 nights.  No RV sites near water so took #1.  Walked the dog and tried to find the Bayou that is supposed to be here.  We walked a mile or so and still no water so returned to the campsite.  Tomorrow I'll walk down to the cabins which appear to be near water on the map.  If it's too far, I'll just wait till I leave and ride around in the coach.

See where my picnic table is?  Way behind the rear of my coach.  Not good.

Nice playground for kids.

 Chemin-A-Haut is French for "High Road," which describes an old trail used by Native Americans for their seasonal migrations.    Their brochure states that there are 12 miles of Equine trails along the Bayou Bartholomew.  Ok... so the horses get to enjoy the water views.


  1. Are you doing any sightseeing between parks? Its too bad all of the parks can't have nice beaches. I came across some muddy hiking trails in Texas. You are getting to experience all kinds of different parks.

    1. Hi Teri... No, I haven't done any sightseeing yet. The places I planned on venturing off to are up ahead in my travels. Almost every park has a water view - just not for the RVer. One purpose for this trip is to find just the right park for me and other RVers who want to enjoy beautiful scenery from their camptround site.

      It is becoming obvious to me that some parks do cater to a certain clientele, for example - kids. The parks that I like and that have kept the RVer in mind, are the ones that placed RV sites near the great views - like lakes, fishing piers, swimming spots, etc. They're out there, although few and far between, but ther're out there. A traveler won't know this until they visit the part for themselves. Well, now anyone can know what I have discovered, at least about the 22 Louisiana State Parks, and won't have to be disappointed when they get there. It will be on my blog and therefore on the Internet for all to read and see.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're having fun.

  2. I haven't been around enough in the last few days to have time to comment, but your trips through these LA parks have definitely caused me to put some new names on our agenda. Thanks ever so.