Thursday, March 29, 2012


Before leaving the Lake D'Arbonne park we took one last walk to what I think is the best site.  Site #24 has a deck and is near another pier and has lots of privacy.

Site 24

We left Lake D'Arbonne around 11:00 this morning and rode around the park to see where everything was located.  Found the Visitor's Center, swimming pool and tennis courts which were under construction and many workers were giving me the look, "You can't come in here."  

Visitor's Center which was closed.

I quickly left and headed to our next park.  It soon started to rain and I don't like driving in rain, especially on these hilly, winding roads. 


Arrived at Lake Claiborne State Park around noon.  I had reserved a site for one night near the lake but paid for 2 because I'm hoping the rain will end in a day or so.  All of the good sites are taken but I am still near the water views.  This campground has a lot of people with fishing boats and there are many children here so I guess school is out for a holiday.

The sites are too close together for my liking.  However, the area near the lake is very nice.  There is a little dock right down below our campsite.

There are several places with park benches near the water's edge.

Site 70 is right above that little pier.  It's my favorite.

When it stops raining I'm hoping to get better photos of the park.

 I got online this evening to check out a couple of parks on my agenda and noticed that some are almost completely booked so I got a little worried.  It took awhile to rework my itinerary to match up with what is available but I did it.  So now I have reserved sites - 2 nights each - for the rest of my trip.   It appears that the next 8 state parks are utilized a lot more than the ones I have been to thus far.  Perhaps it's because they are nicer.  We shall see.

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