Thursday, April 12, 2012


I think this is some kind of a record set today as I have been in 3 state parks in one day. Arrived at Lake Fausse around 4:00 this afternoon. Had a lot of problems with the GPS coordinates. It took me way out of the way from the park so after about an hour of getting lost, I stopped and asked directions. I had to get back on the Interstate and look for the State Park signs in order to get here.  The GPS was of no value.  I was so tired.  Only had a snack around noon so by the time we got to the park I was really hungry.

Check-in did not go well.  Because I made 2 seperate reservations I was informed that I would have to return to the office tomorrow to check in again for my second reservation.  I don't think so.  I'll just leave and go home 2 days early instead.  Not in the mood for all your rules.  Just check me in for all three days. 

Well, I kept my mouth shut but I am seriously thinking of leaving tomorrow morning. I've just about had enough. You know how it is when you've reached your limit... you just can't take any more crap... well that's me today.

The road to this park was terrible. I have been on bad roads before where things were falling on the floor from the bumps and holes in the road but today my DVD player fell out of it's compartment over the door and onto the floor.  And to think I have to go over that road again to get out of here to go home.

I sure hope it still works after this.

Hanging wire.

My site #41.

My favorite site # 48 has its own boat dock/pier.

These little docks are behind most of the sites along the lake.

Well, I guess that means that there isn't a beach area.

Tomorrow I'll ride around the campground as I leave for home.  I've reserved for 3 days but don't care about the loss of the fees charged - I just want to go home.

It's been a long trip and I'm truly exhausted.

I'll post a recap in a couple of days with my final ratings on all the state parks I've visited.

 morning I took these photos of the day use area.

The Interpretive Center

Cabins on the lake.

Pavilion on the lake.

Bath House

Lake Fausse Trail System

Water Park

Bridge near park entrance.

Last Peace Rock placed.

We're on our way home.

Our exit to our house in Houma.

Got home around 1:00 Friday (13th) afternoon... safe and sound and very happy.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit in spite of the terrible road in.

    1. Hi Sue... Yes, it was very nice. I especially liked their Cajun looking buildings in the day use area.

  2. What a long strange trip it's been. This is quite a compilation of the LA parks. Nice to have the flexibility to pick up and go when you feel like it. Welcome home!

    1. Hi Mary... After spending a month in Texas back in November and then a total of 43 days visiting the Louisiana parks in March and April, it's great to be home. I'll take a week to rest up and clean the coach which is a mess inside and out, I'll be going to the beach for a week. How I miss my Gulf.