Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Left South Toledo Bend around 10:00 this morning and stopped for fuel then headed to our next park.

Arrived at Sam Houston State Park around 2:00 this afternoon.  My GPS took me down what turned out to be a short cut road that was closed and I had to detour.  Spent 45 minutes down and then back up that road.   It would not recalculate to a new route no matter how far off I was from where it wanted me to go.  Finally, I stopped the coach and got my map out and located a town up the road to my destination and set the GPS and it finally stopped saying, "Make a U turn," and took me onto the new route.

Got to the campground and got set up.  Funny how things are not always how you remember them.  This is my third time here, each time for one night only.  The first time was in November and it was great.  The campground was almost empty.  I loved it.  Deer came out of the woods to greet us and it was cold and brisk and the sun was shinning.  The photos I took at that time are awesome.  This time the area looks different.  There are more campers, of course, and the grounds look unkept and not as pretty as before, most of the spaces are too close together, and there are no trash bins within the RV park.

That is just too close for comfort.

The awning is almost touching the next camper.

Take a real close look at this.  These are two sites (20 &22) with NO space between them.

Site #21 - There's only about 5 feet between me and the site on my driver's side.  It's a good thing I'm on the end of the row and have a nice yard.  Heard the gators croaking last night.  I was told that in the last 2 years they have eaten nearly all the ducks that used to be in the pond.

View from my door.

Walked to the pond and the boat launch.  The sky was overcast so didn't have any sun to reflect on the water which always makes for a better shot.  Xi Shi found some water and of course took a dip.  She walked into the pond and got mud all over her legs that didn't come off in the water so I took her to the boat launch and she went down the ramp and into the lake which did the trick.  She loved it.  When she came out she did her happy dance and wanted to run crazy but the leash kept stopping her in her tracks.

That's our roof toop in the center across the pond.

Little black feet.

Wading at the boat launch.

Nice and clean now.

It has a pretty red face.

Behind our site is a swampy area with ducks and she tried to go after one and kept barking at it till it went away from her.  She chased a few squirrels up trees and just had a great time playing outside this afternoon.

Those little squirrels are fast.

Walked over to my favorite site #1 which is a pull through with sewer.

Placed a Peace Rock.  We're leaving in the morning.

Last time I placed a Peace Rock here someone from Lafayette found it and wrote me an email.  Hope someone contacts me to let me know they have one of the many rocks I've placed around the state.

Post Script:  As I was leaving the park I spoke with a camp host who had been on site for the last 4 months and was leaving in two days.  I told her what I was doing and she asked me if I had seen the bathrooms.  I told her I had not.  She said that I should see them and make a complaint as they are aweful.  I did not go into the bathhouse.

I then left my site and rode to Camping Area 2.  There is a pull through site #24 that allows a veiw of the pond and is very spacious.  I wish I had taken a photo of it but I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't.  If I had stayed in that area I would have enjoyed myself much more.   It is a lot nicer than the pullthrough site #1 in Campground One.


  1. I've never seen a duck that color before. Xi Shi sure likes to be outside and in the water, she is so cute.

    1. Hi Teri... Yes, I now call her my little water dog. She is happiest when she can run and play at the beach.

  2. You sure have been on the move. I love the places you have been too. Xi Shi is so funny. Yes she is your little water dog.

    I will be pulling out of Tucson on Tues, for Lakeside, AZ for the next 6 months and yes I will be near water. YIPPEE!

    Enjoy the rest of your journey.

    1. Hi JOJO... WOW! Six months... good for you that you'll be near water. Be sure to post lots of photos.