Sunday, April 8, 2012


We moved to our new site #38 around noon.  It is very unlevel in the same way as the other site and as I'm sure are all the sites... it leans to the back.  I dug out my pretty new and clean yellow blocks and for the first time placed them next to my back wheels and climbed aboard.  That still didn't bring the rear up enough to level it but that's the best I could do.  So I'll just roll to the other side of my bed tonight as I sleep.

I have a nice deck and shade but best of all I have a great view of the lake and a nice trail down the hill to an overlook.  We can't reach the lake from here but there is a paved walking trail near the other side of the lake that I will walk to this afternoon. 

Took a ride by the beach on the way back from the office and it is not very big.  In fact, there was a large family that had pretty much taken over the pavilion and beach area so I turned around and went to my new site.  I'll return this afternoon when hopefully it is empty.  It appears that there are still many children here and it is after check out time.  Don't these kids ever go to school?  Hello?  Tomorrow is Monday.

I haven't sat outside to read in a long time so today I promised Xi that we would do just that and look out at our great view and enjoy the outdoors on our nice shaded deck.

And we did.

View from our door.

Our path to the lake.

Our overlook.

Late this afternoon we took a walk to the beach.  It's very small and we didn't stay long as there was a family wading in the water with a screaming moma yelling at the kids.

It has one picnic table.

Nice sand.

She was thirsty.

Cool... man.

We headed for the paved trails that ran along the lake.

Xi took the lead.

Beautiful little walking bridge.

We came to a place on the trail where there was a clearing and Xi Shi took off.  I followed her but pulled her back as she was trying to get down to the lake.  It was a steep grade and I didn't think I could climb back up it.  But I felt sorry for her so I went down.  No problem climbing back up.

She looked at me and I knew that look meant, "Come on in."

She chased the little waves that came in.

And after playing for awhile...

She plopped down on her belly and sighed.  It was as if she were saying, "Finally, I can play on a beach and feel the cool sand on my belly."

A fantastic ending to a great day.


  1. Beautiful campsite! Since it's Easter, the kids are out of school for Spring Break.

    How nice to have a dog that loves the water. I don't think Katie has ever been in water, except for a couple of baths, which she didn't like very much.

    1. Hi Barbara... I thought school started back on Monday. Jeez, how many weeks do they have off?

  2. What a GREAT view!!! Xi looked happy with the water and the sand!

    1. Hi Loree... Xi just loves water. It's really fun to watch her run at the beach back home. Happiness shows all over her body.

  3. I just loved this park.....your pictures take me back to last Fall and my lovely visit....

    1. Hi Chris... I didn't know you stayed here. Do you remember which site? Do you have photos? I really like it here. I didn't at first but it is growing on me.