Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Left Sam Houston Jones State Park this morning about 10:00.  Stopped to get fuel then headed for our next park.

Arrived at Palmetto Island State Park around 1:00 this afternoon.  The roads were pretty bad getting here and things were falling off the walls of the coach that normally don't.

Got to my site and it is very "down home" for me.  I love palmettos and they are everywhere here.  My site is nice and shady with brush between sites for privacy, although I can see my neighbor clearly.  There are many empty sites so I'm not sure why this camper pulled in next to me this afternoon.  It was nice having all the space to myself.  So, having little patience left after this long journey, I got online and made reservations for a day early to my next campground.  So we'll be leaving in the morning.  I've been on the move for a month now and am really tired.

I'm sleeping level tonight.

Xi Shi and I walked down the road to where the map showed a pond.  There was a lady sitting on a chair fishing.  Said she wasn't catching anything.  We took some photos and then headed for the nature trail.  Site #58 is closest to the pond so I guess that would be my favorite.  It looks exactly like the site I'm in so I didn't take a photo.

We passed a comfort station on our way to the nature trail.  The bath house is right next to two handicapped sites that are paved and very nice.

There are only 2 of these.  The rest of the campground is gravel, even the roads.

The Nature Trail is covered with gravel and a nice clean path through the woods.

It was a nice walk but rather hot and Xi was panting really hard so we only walked half of the trail and returned to the camper.  Tomorrow we'll ride in the coach to the boat launch and fishing pier which is really far from the RV park.

Placed the Peace Rock.


  1. I can't wait until next year.....I am going to look for your rocks when I visit LA SPs!

    1. Hi Chris... I hope you find some but I really don't think they'll still be there. I tried to place them in easier spots to find. My fear is that the clean up crews will find them and not campers.