Monday, April 9, 2012


Had my coffee this morning down by the lake at the overlook.  I seriously thought about bringing my chair down there and spending some time reading my book but decided against it.  I have a great view from my deck. 

Sites number 10 and 11 are right next to the beach area but surrounded by trees so no water views.  Site 33 is only 3 sites down from me along the lake and has a pier but no deck.  I think I like my site best.  I can always walk over to the pier.  It's not very far.

Taken of our camper from the pier path.

Really nice pier. 

I'm liking this campground more and more but realize that I like it with few campers around me.  I just don't like being close to neighbors.  It takes away from my whole experience.  However, to be able to enjoy these beautiful surroundings I have to stay in campgrounds.  Don't know of any boondocking sites around here that would have these great views.  

View to the left of me.  Most campers have left.

View to the right of me.  Last camper left this morning.

I love this site.

Down to the overlook this afternoon.

I let Xi off leash and trusted her not to jump off.

She's very close to the edge.

We enjoyed watching boats go by.  Stayed a good while then went back to our campsite.

My blocks are holding up well.

You know you've been in the swamp too long when your coach starts growing moss.  Or maybe it's an indication that we're getting close to home.

Placed Peace Rock

We're leaving in the morning.  Looking forward to being back in Acadiana tomorrow afternoon. 

Lake Charles here we come.


  1. That really IS a beautiful spot. After being in the desert so long, it looks like paradise! And I'll bet it's not 98 degrees, either, like here.

    I get such a kick out of your pup and her love of water.

    1. Hi Barbara... The weather here is till pretty nice but the one thing we can be sure of is that it will get hot, and soon. I generally stay indoors during July and August until late afternoon. But the rest of the year is fine with me. I especially enjoy our winters. Even the beach is nice in the winter time. Why are you still in the desert heat?