Monday, December 10, 2012


What a night we had last night.  The cold front came in and the wind was about 30mph and shook the camper enough to wake me up around 5:00am.  I looked out the window and Chris was gone and so was everybody else.  I got up and moved my camper to the dunes where the wind wasn't as bad.  I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't.  It wasn't till around noon that it slacked off a bit.  I kept wondering if I should leave the park.  Lots of the other campers near the bay had left also.

I later found out that Chris left at 4:00am and went into town and stayed in a parking lot to get out of the strong wind gusts.  It was pretty bad. 

Later this afternoon the sun came out and it was nice... cold, windy, but nice.  Chris returned to the beach and we visited and walked our dogs before the sun went down.  It was definitely doggie sweater time.  I was bundled up pretty good so I wasn't too cold.  The dogs seemed to love it.   Xi Shi would put her face into the wind and just take it in.  It was so cute to watch.

Edna got to wear her new sweater I gave to her.  It fits her perfectly.  Isn't she cute? 

Little Edna with her hooded sweater on.  So stylish.

Chris and Edna in my camper.

They are finally starting to play together.  At first Xi was jealous of her.  I think it's because I hold Edna and play with her.  Xi doesn't like that.  But I do think she likes Edna.

Chris is bundled up too.  It is some cold ya'll.

Playing chase.

Time for a kiss.

Chris found this butterfly on the ground and it appeared to be injured.  I took it and was going to bring it home with me but instead just found a place to put it down where the wind would not disturb it.  It's little legs clung to my glove.  There was a huge firepit hole in the ground and I placed it there.  It tried to fly but couldn't.  How sad.

Time to get back to our homes as the sun was setting and the temp was dropping.

Tomorrow will be sunny and nice.  That's good.


  1. Great pix.....I will be borrowing a few, thanks! The wind was blowing last night so I moved around midnight over closer to the dunes and slept until 7AM. Had breakfast at Avery's and am now at the Computer Center.

    1. Hi Chris... I didn't feel the wind last night and slept well till 8:00 this morning when I noticed you were gone. Have a great day at work.