Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last night the temps went lower than I wanted to experience so I checked in to the RV Park behind the dunes.  I still had 2 nights paid for beach parking but was hoping I could get a refund of some kind.

The office worker was very accomodating and told me to just go ahead and park in any spot I wanted for the night and then come back into the office in the morning to make payment arrangements.

I parked in the same spot I parked in last year, Number 1.  I did not back in but pulled in forward so I could have a better view of the beach.  Hooked up and enjoyed the electric and water.

It felt good to have the electric fireplace to warm the coach. 

I had been using my generator a few hours at night to use the computer and to use the furnace.  In the 6 days that I stayed on the beach I burned about $40 worth of fuel using the generator.  That's about $7 a day plus the $10 I was paying to park on the beach.  That's way too much use of the generator.

I paid $150.00 for a week in the RV Park.  That's about $21 a day - only $4 more to have electric and water.  So I decided I could have the best of both worlds and stay on the beach during the day (for free) and the RV Park at night... which is what I did today. 

These Pelicans amaze me.  They let you walk right up to them.

Fishing boat coming into the channel.

Chris and I went into town today.  I needed to get Propane for the first time since I purchased the RV.  I still had 1/4 of a tank but wanted to fill up as I will be using it a lot more later on in my travels.  I also filled up my gas tank.

We stopped to have lunch and then returned to the beach.  I parked near the waves and finished reading a book I started when I got to Texas.  It's title is "Wild" and is the story of an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe—and built her back up again.  Good book.

Left the beach around 4:00 and returned to my campsite in the RV Park.  Had a nice long shower and about to watch a movie... "Escape From Alaska". 

Had a pretty good day.


  1. With the cold weather we have been having, I think its a good idea to have the electric hookup and to save on the generator fuel. I was in PA last January and part of February, I really like that area.

    1. Hi Teri... Yes, a genertor is nice to have but I didn't realize how much gas it would use up. I remember you being here in Port A last January.

    2. You have the best of 2 worlds beach and snug camp at night
      I cant wait to get started....
      have great and safe day

    3. Hi Donna... I hope you can begin your travels soon. Good luck to you.