Thursday, December 13, 2012


The temp today along the beach was in the 60s but behind the dunes where I am was really warm.  I had to use the A/C.  What a difference those high dunes make.

You can see the beach through the pillars under the office from my site.  It's not that far but the Gulf breezes don't reach me.  So I guess I'm ready for the next cold front.

We have a boardwalk and pretty yellow flowers.  I try to keep Xi Shi on that boardwalk and on the sand because there are sand burrs everywhere in the grass.  Poor little thing had some on her upper lip today as well as on her feet.

She found a bone on the beach and started walking back towards the camper proudly holding it in her mouth.  By all means she was gonna keep that bone.  She walked halfway home with it in her mouth.  I eventually took it away from her.

While I did laundry I took a few photos from the second story balcony.  This is the view to my right.  I try to imagine how this would look in the middle of summer with all of the families having fun.

This is the view to my left. 

That's the part of the beach where I usually park... right there in the middle.  You can see the jetties in the background.

It was strange having to use a laundry at a campground.  I usually just bag the things needing to be washed and wait till I get home.  I've never stayed gone longer than a month so it was doable. 

I had to wash some large items like sheets and blankets that had been used by some little 4 legged critters (who shall remain nameless) for a bathroom.  I had not been inside a laundromat much less used one in over 27 years. 

I started a new book today.  A Biogrophy of Clark Gable.  Pretty good so far.

Having flounder filets tonight with squash and a salad.  Movie choice is "Everest."


  1. Looks blissful. My first trip in my van netted me a quick detour to a laundromat upon learning that the felines did not like what I had done with their bathroom. That was my first time in decades too.

    1. Hi Mary... Yes, it's nice here at the beach. Gonna rain for the next few days then should be sunny for awhile.

  2. Dinner sounds yummy & more fun than laundry!

    1. Hi Cyn... Dinner was pretty good. I'm trying to stay on my diabetic diet but is hard while camping.