Friday, December 14, 2012


Checked my control panel last night and noticed that my tanks were marking full.  So first thing this morning after breakfast I went to the dump station and emptied my tanks.  

Had to unhook my water hose but left it on the ground at my site and hoped that no one would take it.  Unhooked the electric cord and stored it.    

After leaving the campground, I rode along the beach road and decided to go into town.  Stopped at a store I had noticed before and did a little shopping.  Well, actually, I did a lot of shopping.  It felt good.

I love this store.

This blue windchime was the first thing I saw and as I always say, one can not have enough wind chimes.  I have 4 in the RV.

Bought 2 wooden plaques.  This wooden fish is similar to the ones I make.  I like the way it looks over the sink.

This wooden mermaid is very similar to the ones I make.  I think I will hang her in the bathroom.  

Not sure where this mermaid will go.

Bought a blue and white starfish magnet for the stove hood.

Got some really pretty T-shirts on sale.

And couldn't pass up these tropical cups.

After shopping for fun stuff I had to shop for some grocery items that I ran out of.  So I used my GPS to locate the nearest store which was an IGA store right around the corner. 

Left there and went to my favorite spot on the beach to spend the afternoon.  Did a little reading, took a little nap, and walked the dog a few times.

Crew boats and sailboats... working and playing...

The new kitty was fascinated with the raindrops falling on the window this morning.

I expected a lot of rain but it only drizzled today.  Rain is expected for the weekend.

Had a great day.


  1. YOu went treasure hunting and came home with loot! Cute stuff, looks like a fun day. Was your water hose still there?

    1. Hi Cyn... Yes, my water hose was still where I left it. I figure it would be easy to replace a hose but not my electrical cord which I wanted to leave as well.

  2. Wow ...great treasures you got today
    love how they look in your rig..
    would love to see pic's of how you
    have your rig fixed up...I am still
    trying to figure out how to do mine..

    1. Hi Grammy... I love decorating with whimsical things. However, I'm running out of space ;-)

      I have posted photos of the inside of the RV many times. You might try searching my blog for the word hippie. You may find some photos there.

      Thanks for stopping by.