Sunday, March 18, 2012



Left Chicot State Park this morning around 11:30 and rode around the campground before leaving. It's a pretty big place and separated into two sections. I rode to the North Landing Camping Area and am glad I didn't stay in that section. Sites were very close together.

I rode back to the South Landing and checked out the swimming pool, fishing pier, and boat launch which are all very far away from the RV campground. Too far to walk with fishing gear and dog in tow. So I'll just chalk it up to another campground that does not cater to the RVer. So we headed on down the road to our next park.

Nice fishing pier.

Now on to Kisatchie National Forest - Kincaid Lake Campground
This is not a State Park but I needed a place to stop along my route between campgrounds.  The Kisatchi National Forest is huge.  This campground is a 2,600 acre reservoir. The RV camping section (41 sites) seems to have everything the State Parks provide. One thing I had never experienced is the "self-pay" envelopes. There is no one to check you in. You pick your site then return to the gate to place your envelope with cash into the box. You also have to pay a day pass fee of $3.00. Part of the envelope tears off and you have to place it on your front window. They do allow for my Senior Pass so I paid $9.50 a night.

Later in the day a Park Ranger named Mike came over to check my paperwork. I paid for 2 days as I was not sure about my site. The one I wanted was a very narrow elevated pad and I was not sure if I could get my slide opened once backed in. No other site would do. I wanted this one.

I picked one of several sites with lake views. However, site #23 has a path to a fishing pier. Yes, I have my own fishing pier. It's great! The site is really nice and even has cement steps right outside your door to go down from your slab to your picnic area. I love it.

Love those steps.

Great water views.

Our fising pier.

Water... but how do I get into Momi?

Can you see our site at the top of the hill?

Ranger Mike told me that this fishing pier is the only one where he and his wife catch fish. There are 3 other piers in this campground. I'm planning on taking my fishing gear out tomorrow morning and see what I can get. I probably will stay another 3 days.

Xi Shi and I walked down to the pier and took lots of photos. When we approached the water there was a loud splash and to my right were several turtles sunning themselves on a log. Once they saw us they took off into the water. There are signs posted about alligators and I thought that was what had splashed, all the while hoping it wasn’t.

This evening Xi Shi and I took a walk around the campground and met some of the other little doggies... a Schnauzer, a Pekinese, and 2 poodles. There are only a handful of campers in the whole campground.

Climbed back up on my roof to check out my patch job and it was coming off so I secured it once again with duck tape. If this taping holds then I’ll just wait till I get back home and caulk it the right way.

I lost my Verizon Air Card connection late in the afternoon. That’s never happened to me before. I’m really way out in the boonies now.


  1. We try to stay in National Forest Campgrounds when we can. They are generally very nice and they take my federal “Access” card. Thanks for a heads up on “KINCAID LAKE CAMPGROUND”;this is one we didn’t know about.

    John and Ellen

    1. Hi John and Ellen... Kincaid Lake was great. I stayed 5 days and could have stayed longer.

  2. I just 'found' your blog and am going to have to start from your beginning and work my way back to're doing something I would LOVE to do (or at least I THINK I'd love it!). I live in TX and am raising our 2 teen boys w/ my husband. We currently 'wknd camp' w/ a travel trailer but I dream daily of a Class C for 'someday'. I'm from Franklin, LA and want to return to Louisiana to retire. That'll be our home base but I would love to take off, like you, and explore. Enjoy your travels and thanks for sharing them!
    ps - Brazos Bend State Park/TX is beautiful!

    1. Hi Lacy... Glad you're enjoying my blog. We're neighbors, in a sense, with you being from Franklin and me from Houma. I hope you get the opportunity to do what you're dreaming of. I'm kind new at this and still have a lot to learn but am having fun.

  3. So glad to know about this campground. I have backpacked the Wild Azalea Trail up there many times and camped out, but I had no idea they even had an RV campground.

    1. Hi Babs... Yes, the RV campground is very nice. I really enjoyed my stay.