Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last evening, just as the sun was setting, there was a break in the dark clouds and the sky gave off a bright reddish orange color.  I grabbed my Nikon and rushed to capture the image.  

I sat on my coach step holding my camera and just waited for the sky to change.  Every few minutes the colors would vary as the sun disappeared.

Reddish purple.
                                                          Blue hues.

Good night.

The sun came out about 9:00 this morning and it's a beautiful day.  Everything has been washed clean by the rain and the air smells fresh. 

Took a walk over to the boat rentals.  One of these days I'm gonna get one of those boats and paddle around the lake... but not today.

At the far end of the park is another fishing pier.  There were different types of trees along this area.  Everything is so green and bright. 

The Cypress trees were showing a lot more color.  Some are a bright red at the base.  The Cypress knees here are more red, also.

Sunshine on the Gypsy Boho Freedom Express, once again.

                                 Placed a Peace Rock... we're leaving in the morning.


  1. Great sunset photos, I like the look of the trees with the sunset.

    1. Hi Teri... Those Cypress trees really add to the photos, don't they? I'm hoping to get some more sunset photos tonight.

  2. Wow, awesome photos!! I'm so glad you sat out there & caught the different colors & hues. Looks like a neat place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi TexCyn... Thanks for the compliment. From what the neighbors tell me, this park is used alot by the locals. They really appreciate it.