Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Left Kincaid Lake around 10:30 this morning and stopped for fuel.  Rode around Pineville to see if I could look up an old friend.  Found her house but no one was home.  Headed to our next park.  Stopped to get something to eat.  Fried chicken... yummy good.

Got to Lake Bruin and was set up by 4:00pm.  Long day of driving and I'm really tired.  I like the campground as it is located close to the lake, however, the sites are REAL close together.  My neighbor's sitting area is right behind my coach.  I mean right behind - so I had to close my shades in the bedroom as I could almost read the book she was reading from my bed.

My view is great.  The lake is about 10 feet from my door and a pier a few more feet from there.  I reserved this spot because it looked like it was the closest to the lake on the website... and it is.  I also like site #19 which appears to be the only pull-through.  There is another site #1 which has a larger yard, a deck, and no one is up close to the site but I wouldn't be close to the pier.  I thought about moving but am too tired so will just stay here.

Site #1

Sure wish I had a fishing pole.  Everyone here seems to be here to do just that.  Fish.  There are 2 boats tied up at the pier and lots of boat trailers around.   This park is really set up for the RVer.  I like that.

Xi Shi and I took a walk around the campground.  She tried chasing a few squirrrels but never even got close.  We found our way to the boat launch and she walked into the lake and lapped a few drinks of the cool water.  I walked in with her and we enjoyed the experience.

My little water dog.

Took some photos of the sun setting over the lake. 

Tried to get some night shots of the pier which is lit up.

Having trouble uploading photos using the campground WIFI.

Long day and I'm ready for bed.


  1. When I cleaned out my house, I kept one small fishing pole. One that my husband had bought for me. I keep it in the bathroom in the RV. There is a space above the medicine cabinet, I put the handle of the pole on top of the cabinet and the pole stretches across the wall close to the ceiling. I use 2 - 3M hooks that are made for keeping cords in place to support the pole. This works great for me, as my basement storage is not large enough for a fishing pole.

    1. Hi Teri... Have you been fishing yet? I packed my fishing rod a long time ago but must have taken it out and put it in my van where it used to be kept. I may stop and purchase another one along the way.

  2. That looks like a beautiful campground. I love the view you have even if you have neighbors too close. I can't wait until we can get on the road and see places like what you are enjoying! I like to go fishing because it can be relaxing though I don't bait my own hook (yuck) and usually don't catch anything. Come to think of it, it has been years since I held a fishing pole. I do want to get one this year though.

    1. Hi Janice... I don't like to bait my hook either if it is a worm. I don't mind using other types of bait. I hope you'll be getting on the road soon.

  3. Love the sunset shots! Love cypress trees, too. My dad was 'born on the bayou,' and although he left many times, he kept going back.

    1. Hi Roxanne and Annie... It is really beautiful here on the lake. That sunset shot was luck because it was cloudy most of the day. So when I noticed it had come out I quickly snapped a few. May not see old Sol again for days.