Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Slept well.  My neighbors woke me at 7:30 this morning making noise as they packed up and left.  I'm happy about that.  Hope no one else takes that spot.  You can see  how close that site is in this photo.

Had breakfast then walked around the campground.  Stopped to talk to the camp host and noticed his accent was familiar.  He's from Lafayette... no wonder.  Had a nice chat and Xi Shi made friends with his little Pomeranian.

The further away we walked from the lake the nicer the campsites were.  Some were very wide and lots of space between them.

This is a nice private spot.

Nice and spacious.

Most everyone here has a dog or two and use yard crates to keep them in while outside.  I don't think my doggie would like that.  She would cry and that would make me unhappy.  She enjoys sitting outside with me on her own chair.

This campground is really crowded for a weekday.  Not a screaming kid in sight.

The sun was shinning this mornning and I was hoping the rain had missed us.  I put out my outside rug and my chairs and we sat out while I read.  It was nice and cool and I was really enjoying myself.

A neighbor lady came over when it started to drizzle and informed me that if there were tornado warnings for me to go to the bath house in the middle of the park.  I had not been able to catch any TV stations so didn't know what the weather forecast was.  Thanked her and picked up my chairs.

Rained on and off this afternoon.  Checked the forecast and it gives thunderstorms for Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe Thursday as well as a flash flood watch.  Well... that pretty much takes up my stay here.  I just hope I don't have to move to higher ground... whether it be in the coach or backstroke ;-)

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