Saturday, March 24, 2012


Slept till 8:00, fed the dog, had my coffee and then we went for our long morning walk.  We left the RV park campground near site 51 which has a nice gravel walking trail that goes around the Indian Mounds and ends near the fishing pier, visitor's center, and boat launch. 

Red gravel walking path.

There's the water... way back there.

A small marker showing which Indian Mound this is.

The Visitor's Center across Hwy 17.

We crossed highway 17 and walked down to the water.  So many people fishing on the pier and the boat trailers filled the parking lot.  Didn't go in the visitor's center as I'm sure they don't allow dogs inside.

Really cute fish cleaning station.

Parking for boat trailers.

Boat launch.

Pretty greenery.

I don't think I would like to fish that close to other people.  I still don't have a fishing pole so I wasn't too disappointed when I saw the crowded pier.  You can catch large mouth bass, black crappie, blue gill, and channel catfish in the reservoir.

Xi Shi was checking out the water and I know if I'd of let her she would have run down that slope and into the lake.  I'm sure the folks fishing would not have appreciated that. 

Highway 17 continues on to the North Landing.  I am camped out in the South Landing near Bayou Macon.  North Landing appears to be several miles away on Hwy 17 with no place to walk along the side of the road.  So I'll wait till I can ride to it in the coach.  North Landing has a store and concession area as well as a beach area.   Naturally... the beach area is far, far away from the campground.

A Historical Marker on one of the Indian Mounds.

This park is named after a Native American site consisting of earthworks and artifacts.  Known as the Poverty Point Culture, its people settled on the banks of Bayou Macon between 1400 and 700 B.C.  It's really pretty along the water but the RV park is average.

Site 51 showing a sliver of blue water behind it.

Got back from our walk and I had breakfast.  Sat out on the deck and did some more reading.  It's still really cool here in the mornings and I love it.  I had to wear a long sleeved shirt and jeans this morning.  I'm sure it will warm up by this afternoon.  I have the door open and the windows by the sofa open and the breeze is blowing through the coach.  It's great.

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